I know that is a recursive topic, but I think that if we could have a NING poll system it would be a great stuff.

Contest and polls are awesome instruments to create participation in our site.

We have used, till now, several hosting service  (now wofoo) but there are some problems: voting system  are linked to IP addressees, but it's enough to restart routers to vote an another time and using mobiles it's very easy to vote several times.

More, we have an open site to visitors and we have to hide contest page to avoid that external people can vote.

I'd like to have a voting system linked to ning access and hidden results.

I hope that Ning consider this, thanks in advance

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Yes, a native poll system would be great.

I think so

I will pass the idea along, although we don't currently have anything like this planned. It would be nice to have a quick poll feature that was basic and easy to use for things like simple weekly polls. Thanks!

Thank a lot Eric, now I'm using surveymonkey after reading  one of your old suggestion, but I have the same problem exposed before. It would be great!!

Hi, I use jotform a lot. Free & easy, forms and polls in one go....


Hi I see your reply just now. It's a good solution, but at least similar to others, I'd like to have a native ning pools where only members can vote only one time. All these pools are linked to IP addresses and it's vary easy to vote several times, it's enough to restart you home router. Try yourself. Cheers

I think the best polls are the native polls in Orkut communities, they have a great look.

The most imortant thing is that access to vote is llinked to ning members and there is the possibility to hide resoults

Yes, it would be great, as added by third-party applications are unreliable and often grab the page.

any news????

We haven't decided to create a poll feature and add it to the roadmap. However, I will be pushing for it, but it is still just an idea at this point. 

Go Eric!!


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