The privacy of my network is set to Public - Main page only.

And I approve membership after sign up request.

When a membership request comes for approval, is there a way I can know if the member has signed up by invitation or otherwise? This information is very important for me when I approve.

I noticed that the pending invitations list purges the invites some time in the process of signup.

Is a record of invite purged after sign up request or after approval of the request?


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Hey There! Great question. There isn't a way to see if a pending member got there through an invitation. I can see how that would be a nice-to-know detail. 

Thanks Eric for a quick reply.

Any idea, if Ning is or would like to work on this? As I mentioned, it is very important for me to expand my network thru' invites. However, I would like to keep the network public as the people who are invited need to see at least the home page to get an idea about the community.

I will pass the suggestion along, although I don't think it will be put on our roadmap anytime soon. 


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