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I remember that NING has been live with a new invite page for few weeks in 2009 and decided  to do a bit more fine tuning to make it perfect.

What's happened with this announcement. I am waiting now since April 10, 2009 for this fine tuning.

Please. MySpace Music, facebook and other open social networks allows tagging friends - with locations, topics, whatever helps to invite for example people from Germany only to a concert in Germany. It makes no sense to invite people around the globe to a single event based in a special area. But what I am observing is, that members do that in my network. Really the invite page needs a bit more fine tuning and I hope it will be part of a NING Pro network.

I read here - as a reply from Evan - in this forum that also admins can see if someone was invited to an event or directly to my network. I am waiting for this improvement because I can't resend invitations until I do not find out if an invitation from my network was send to an event or send as an invitation for to become a member of my network. What's happened with that?

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is there any reason that i can,t invite my friends through out the ning networks? and my email is not one of the the optons from select..bellsouth.net
I don't know this Jim. Did you send a ticket to the NING help center. I am still waiting that someone from NING will answer to this topic. No reply to this Product ideas ... seems that this topic is not relevant.
Is NING ignoring this topic or e.g. is Evan as NING product manager in holidays?
I have seen that Evan isn't in holidays ... so I have send this resquest to the NING help center ... and have to discuss it there in a private message with one guy from the NING staff? Ticket number is #00324310
The people I have invited are not being able to sign in!!! Anyone have any ideas?
Hey you .... that's another issue, I think so. My idea: send a ticket to the help center if you get no reply here.


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