The Ning Advocacy team has followed some of your networks for months and some even years now. Though we periodically hear from you and keep an eye on Creators, we'd like to reach out and ask: "Hey, how's it going?"

As we get closer to the end of the year, it's a great time to look back. We'd love to know:

What have you accomplished this year with your Ning Network?

This is your time to brag about and share the achievements that you've had both online and offline this year.

  • Did you pass a milestone this year? Did your network reach its 100th, 1,000th, or 10,000th member?
  • If you're using your community to gather people offline, were you able to successfully gather up members to attend a live event? Reply with a picture and let us know how it went!
  • After spending countless hours on Creators, is your network now rocking some design changes thanks to snippets of CSS from your friends here?

Sometimes achievements come in the form of a lesson learned, so if there is anything that you have tried that just didn't quite work out, let us know! I'm sure there are some new Network Creators that would love the advice!


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During 2012,

  1. added the first Ning PayWall to
  2. Consolidated featured
  3. reconceived layout (will implement in January)
  4. Partnered with other platforms
  5. Integrated Twitter and Facebook

We hope to get a first look at your new layout ;) I'm sure it can serve as inspiration for other Network Creators to take their layout and make it really work for their specific community!

Thanks kindly, Mayra...

(The overall objective of the new layout will be to help our 5,000 members get more value out of the site and, too, out of the 200+ groups currently on, for one, am looking forward to it...)

  1. Also integrated Pinterest sharing into Brandergy 

We are nera to 2000 users and we are pround to offer in Utaly something different abouy ophotography site, thanks to approval photo.

We have build an elegent, clean end efficent platform

Managing the content that you present on your network is key for your type of community. I'm glad you found the approval option and are now offering your visitors only high quality content with those photographs! 

Thanks Mayra, It's hard for us because the staff works a lot and a some members are not happy at all about our decision, It's for that reason we request this..

in order to avoid duscussion with users.. :-)


Our site is B-yond at we have 84 member's so far  I started this summer, 

I have had a lot of help from people on NC ,one person who as help me a lot is George, so I would like to say a big thank you.

I think my site looks great, I think I might need a little help with ideas in promoting my site and getting member's to use it .  I have 84 member's , but would like to get to 100 members

I find under standing code difficult apart from copy and paste as I am disabled, 

once again thank you

1. I got 41,000 users this year so far.
2. Mobile apps
3. Cometchat plus plan. (It's great)
4. My new splash page -
5. JFarrow, sweetpotato, soaringeagle.

May I ask what helped you reach that many people? Thank you Josh.

Good job on your network! Merry Christmas.

Hardwork and a great niche Damien. If you think about it, Josh capitalized on something we all probably used at some point in our mobile lives and thats a blackberry! Lol BBM is very popular and josh took the idea of a social network for just swapping BBMS its pretty ingenious actually and I commend him on it. I love that he boast about it for one reason...ready? THERE ISNT A HACK FOR HARD WORK AND CREATIVITY! You'll have to reach this status simply when ones network reaches this status! Great job and good luck with addictapic, its well on its way! And josh if you're reading, nice job my friend! Happy new year to everyone!

Thank you Armani! :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! :)


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Projects that the Ning 3.0 Team is currently working on: 

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Activity Feed Updates - options for more content in the activity feed.

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APIsThe ability to create new members and content programatically.

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