Just a couple of years back, Vince of Scripts4Ning/SiteSuites fame created the Jisbar for Ning networks. What made it better than other site bars was that you could embed your Ning chat into it. If you're using Wibya or Skysa, you know the Ning chat sits atop your bar, and doesn't look appealing at all.

If you would like to see Jisbar return, and having the ability to embed your Ning chat into your site bar is important to you, please let me know. The better the response, the more likely we can have Jisbar for our Ning networks again.


I spoke with Vince last night, and he is aiming for Monday to grant access to the Jisbar. You may also be interested to know there will be a name change. In addition, the bar will be revamped. Which improvements will be added to the bar are classified for now. 

Stay tuned!

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Yes, you did a great job by starting the process, BIG UP !!!

Thanks Bousal.

Hey Patrick that bar looks real good bro.

Haha! Forgot it was at SiteSuites too, Regi.

The one on Laura's site do not have powered by JISBAR, I like it better

Thanks bro.

+1 all the way! Love the translucent background of Laura's Jisbar. Please bring it back.

Working on it, Sylvia.

i would like but please add Pinterest to it...


Great idea! I will pass on the suggestion.

This would be great Patrick!  Hope you can sort it out for us! lol cheers

Hey guys,

I have found a great tool bar to use and just installed it on my site in about 5 minutes.

It has a chat capability built in so you can just remove your chat feature from your Ning network if you want.

it is http://wibiya.conduit.com

you can see it on my site http://talentfactory.ca/

Maybe this will work for you....


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