Use this HTML Table Generator to create your desired table(s).

Include the following code at the bottom of all other codes in you HTML mobile page. Please note that the table border, padding and border color will be controlled by this code. You may make adjustments to these parameters by altering the sections of the code in brackets. 


td, th { border: 1px solid black; padding: 5px}




Did I mention how much I hate mobile sites? Anyway I'll cut to the chase. I posted a discussion yesterday asking for some help as to how to go about making tables visible in the custom HTML page on Ning Mobile. It didn't take long to solve that issue on my own and with the problem solved I got to work. I'm not sure if this qualifies as kick-ass just yet but it's a work in progress. I'm trying to come up with a more creative table structure but I've been having some issues with the table contents aligning the way I want.

The "My Page, Activity, Discussions and Articles" icons are all interactive and a click will direct the user to the mobilized sections. I'd prefer that my users visit the desktop version of the site so I made that option loud and clear at the top.

As you can see I have a mobile ad banner. I plan on adding at least two more when I add more content.




TODAY'S HITS - MOSTLY MOBILE USERSAs  you can see almost half my monthly visits and more a lot more than half of today's visits are mobile users. The average page view is far less than that of users visiting via desktop or other devices with full browsers. Most of those visits are new by the way. It really sucks having a new visitor land on the activity feed page of your mobile site.

It kills me to see my hits not being converted to ad revenue. mobilized sites are ad revenue killers!

I still think that Ning should give us the option to turn off the auto redirect to the mobilized version of our network. Modern smartphones are more than capable of rendering full web pages with ease. The sad thing is, unless the mobile user configures their browser settings to display in desktop by default, they are automatically pushed to mobile site whenever it's available.   

I've visited many Ning sites, some from prominent NC (Superstars) and none of them have customized landing pages on their mobilized sites. Trust me...the activity feed, blog, forum or anything other page than a customized page is not good landing for first time visitors.




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Wow, I had no idea this was even possible. Is this being released as a tip?

This is more of a call to action. I'm sure the top creators here could have figure it out with ease. It's just that no one has cared enough to develop a custom main page interface. Hopefully that will change and someone will come up with something a lot better. Ning mobile in it's raw form was not built with first time visitors in mind. It's more of a member friendly tool. I think it's dumb to jump right into the activity feed, blog or forum of a site you're visiting for the first time. 

LOL Nice job and I love that its not a tip but more so you're showing us whats possible! I love it! Its a really smooth and clean interface not to mention its very informative. Great job! I havent really played around with the mobile version of my site as my network actually focuses on getting folks back to PCs :) everythings so dumbed down nowadays with apps and mobile so alot that we program on my network you'd have to utilize at a pc...but this here my friend inspires me to get my development team thinking more "mobile" lol. Great job once again, keep that individuality alive!!!!

My point exactly..."get them back to the PC".

I hate mobile sites with a passion. I plan on adding many teasers to the main page with links leading to the desktop site. 

I regretted turning on the mobile feature of my 1st site and vowed not to activate it on my 2nd site but I did not have a choice. It seems that Ning now has it active by default.

I don't know if you pay close attention to your analytics like I do. I found that most of my users are mobile. If that's the case for you too what are you doing to direct them to the desktop site. The only way you can do that is by developing a custom mobile landing page.

I visited many sites including yours and landed at the activity feed page. That's bad for a 1st time visitor who knows nothing about your site.


Back to the PC back to basics...Yep.
Personally WE are on the big screen...Big keyboard~Old school PC for me.
Nice concept, as you hit on an important addition for those on mobile.
Perhaps some folks would like the code(s) and wisdom to do something similar.

It seems that Ning now has it active by default.

That's true; if you don't want a mobile site though, you can simply delete all of your mobile pages. That will send mobile traffic to your desktop version.


Thanks Phil.

Initially I wanted to turn it off completely but some of my members seem to prefer using it while on the go. In addition, I created an Android app so I need to have it active. 

Others may not want theirs turned on so I'm sure they'll be happy to know that it's possible to turn deactivated it by deleting all the pages.  

Thanks for sharing, I'm designing my main web mobile page using your idea with a similar interface to the iPhone app I created for my Ning site.

I have a question: Were you able to hide some mobile pages from the Ning mobile standard menu?

I noticed from the pictures you posted that the standard menu doesn't appear. Did you hide it for all pages? How? Then if you go to for example to the activities mobile page, is this menu also hidden? 

This is the main web mobile interface to my network that your idea let me create:

I'm trying to get a similar interface of the mobile app I recently created that interacts with my Ning network:


How's it going Alessandro? 

That's nice...a real professional look. I did not hide the menu. I'm not sure if that's even possible.

I scrolled down the page before taking the screen shot.

What you did is great...glad you were able to use the idea to create a professional mobile interface.




Still waiting for Chat on mobile  :(

Until then, we'll stick to desktop version


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