if a member uploaded a new song it will not displayed in the latest activity feed. Yesterday I added for my own two new songs but it wasn't displayed in the latest activity feed. Is there something wrong. I paid for a NING Pro - which contains Song and Video uploads to my network. But it makes no sense why members will not be informed about the feed if a new member uploaded new songs. It is a pity that songs should not be displayed in the RSS feed.

What 's going on ?


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Nothing's going on Jens, it has always been thus.
My Pro network shows new music clips in the 'latest activity' list.
Try going to your manage/"Settings", then "Features", "activity feed"....be sure "new items" is checked.
i *think* that may be the setting that controls this.
Hey Strumelia.

You're right. Something is not checked in Jens settings. The only thing I can see there that might include mp3 uploads is "New Items". There's no specific setting for mp3.

I rarely look at the latest activity feed and forgot that mp3 uploads do indeed show in the list.

Thanks for correcting my error.
(now where's that cool hand clapping icon when i need it...?) lol!

Thank you Strumelia for your response:

New items is enabled because if not it won't show up if someone added a new video too. If someone added a new video it will display in the latest activity feed. Here is the setting what shall be displayed in the latest activity feed of my network:

What I think: NING started their new plans - NING Pro only has songs - but during this release they forgot maybe to add songs again to their RSS feed. Or another: the leaderboards produce RSS feeds - is based on how much comments an item is commented - but songs / music do not appear in this feeds too - so what's going on? I don't know it - I need a response from the Ning stuff that they like to bring it back to the latest activity module.
Like I said in my response above, mp3 uploads are showing in "Latest Activity" on my network. I don't know why they're not showing in yours. It's not Ning, it's your network.
Thunder X - thanks - it 's on my network on Ning but not because I haven't disabled the new items. Therefore I have posted it here as Bugs and Issues and not as improvement suggestions.

I have reported this to the Ning help center and hope Ning will fix that issue. Good to know it is my Ning network only.
Best of luck to you Jens.

Be well. =)
Ning fixed this issue

Stay tuned. 8-)
Music audios show up along with videos on my Latest Activity list too.

It's got to be a setting somewhere that you have different, if it was a 'bug' it would likely effect all of us, right?

Perhaps it has something to do with the settings you have chosen for your NING music player. How do you have your home page music player 'edit' display options set?


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