hello all
Someone would know help me? I'd like to expand the box of the last photographs displayed on the home page for the full width of the body of my ning site and to contain more photos. Thank you very much

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Three lines, 5 photos for each line... please.. :-)

How look like? it's good? like a gallery?

Here's my site


Below the great spotlight photo I want a long strip (5 column for 3 line) with the latest photos instead of the actual central box. ONLY IN THE MAIN PAGE.

Below the strip the classic three column layout. It should be cleaner and more immediate to see for a photographic site

I see you have the regular look. I just looking for something like you wanna. but can use 2 columns.

We prefer 3 columns layout for several reasons...

in homepage? I use the 3 columns layout. just wanna the main page on the top for 2 columns.

Wow  Very Nice Riccardo cong. I like your homepage.

Is just an example created with photoshop, and I want to join that result... :-((

oh look nice. but is possible create the layout?

I'm asking help for it...

Anything is possible with a professional Help on layouts


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