Latest Upgrades to Chat: Clear Conversations + Volume Controls

We hope you're liking the new chat! As we mentioned in our most recent announcement about chat, your feedback around this project has been incredibly useful. Based on your requests, we've added two more things to chat. They're relatively small changes in the grand scheme of things, but we expect those of you who want them will be pretty happy to see them. 

First, we have added the ability to clear the chat of prior conversation. We asked you how you wanted to use this type of clear chat functionality, and we got a lot of different responses. So, we've made this available in two ways, which we think will cover most of the needs we heard expressed:

  • The ability to "Clear chat history" in the Main Room will let Network Creators and admins zero out the public chat. Everyone participating in the public chat will start with a clean slate. Members won't see this link.
  • All members will have the ability to "Clear chat history" in private conversations. This will remove all of the messages that are in their own view, while the member they are chatting with will continue to see the messages.

It's important to note that this link will appear at the top of the chat window so you will need to scroll to the top of the conversation to clear chat.

The second thing we added is a volume control for alert notifications. The default sound levels for everyone out there on the Internet can be pretty varied, so it makes sense to add this straightforward volume control. Too loud? Turn it down.

These two updates will wrap up the major work on our chat upgrade. The old Flash-based chat will stick around for a bit longer, but we will ultimately be turning off the old Flash-based chat. If you haven't tried out the new chat yet, now's a great time to get acquainted with it!

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Thanks Eric that is very useful information and I have passed it along to my members.  The other issue that folks may want to keep in mind is that the new "clear chat history" link on the private message window only deletes the chat history for the person clicking the link.  The other party to a private chat retains the chat history unless they delete it themselves.  The private chat content does not appear to be automatically removed after 24 hours.

That is absolutely correct, Rich. Private chat works a bit differently than public chat. Since those messages were shared in trust as private messages, it's up each person in the conversation to keep or remove the conversation as they see fit. And, private chats will not be removed automatically over any period of time.

On the public side, there is a bit of an assumption baked into this that really old chat messages (assuming no conversation has happened in a long time) might not help boost activity in a public-facing chat. If I showed up as a new member to a network and the last chat was 2 weeks ago, I would think many NCs wouldn't want that it to appear that nothing had happened at all in two weeks. (As I say, that's an assumption, but I don't think that's an arbitrary assumption.)

With regards to private chat

On our network we do not want private chat. Any ideas on how to disable it?

Have tried in advanced css

.xg_chat.chatModule .xg_private chat { none;important!

.xg_chat.chatModule .xg_private chat { clear;important!

.xg_chat.chatModule .xg_private chat { disable;important!

Have also tried removing it in language editor

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

Other then this the chat is awesome.

Thanks for listening to us Ning Team.

Hey, Just M. I've seen your numerous posts about this. There's really not a way to remove private chat. I'm sorry that we can't offer this for you, but we have to balance requests and aren't always able to make a feature work for every possible situation. 

ok ty

maybe some day in the future


Just wanted to update everyone who is following this discussion about one annoying bug that I am told has just been fixed: If the volume icon obscured the Members Online (#) text when the bar was minimized, this should be looking good now. If you submitted a ticket, we will follow up with you individually. If you didn't, I just wanted to let you know here. Thanks for your reports and patience on that one!



For it seemed like forever i had nothing but trouble with the old chat.Freezing up and members having to leave and re sign in led to alot of agry emails and i had tried to find out what was wrong but this new chat is just AWESOME!! I have gotten nothing but thanks for this new chat i have 168 members now alot new and they say that the chat is great easy to use so when the members are happy all is well its when they get upset watch out.LMAO After all they are 168 ladies that make up Sweethearts of the deadliest catch so from all of them & myself THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HARD WORK!!In the 2 yrs i have had ning it has grown alot new programs great additions to the site and more are added every month.SO THANK YOU!! We have no plans of going anywhere.

Well, that is great to hear. We are hearing both that the new chat is awesome and that the new chat still has issues. Glad to hear it is working for you, mark. Hopeful we can track down any outstanding issues for other folks. 

Private Chat is not working

Sorry to hear that, Philippe. It is working okay for me. You can submit a ticket from your dashboard. Just choose the Support link and Contact Support. We'll try to determine what might be the issue. 

I'm not sure if this is the best place for it, but I just thought of a suggestion for chat:  an indicator for new members.

I noticed earlier that someone I saw in chat 2 hours ago was a new member (when I recently checked my email).  I thought that it would have been neat to greet her in chat, if I had known that she had just joined.


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Projects that the Ning 3.0 Team is currently working on: 

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