Latest Upgrades to Chat: Clear Conversations + Volume Controls

We hope you're liking the new chat! As we mentioned in our most recent announcement about chat, your feedback around this project has been incredibly useful. Based on your requests, we've added two more things to chat. They're relatively small changes in the grand scheme of things, but we expect those of you who want them will be pretty happy to see them. 

First, we have added the ability to clear the chat of prior conversation. We asked you how you wanted to use this type of clear chat functionality, and we got a lot of different responses. So, we've made this available in two ways, which we think will cover most of the needs we heard expressed:

  • The ability to "Clear chat history" in the Main Room will let Network Creators and admins zero out the public chat. Everyone participating in the public chat will start with a clean slate. Members won't see this link.
  • All members will have the ability to "Clear chat history" in private conversations. This will remove all of the messages that are in their own view, while the member they are chatting with will continue to see the messages.

It's important to note that this link will appear at the top of the chat window so you will need to scroll to the top of the conversation to clear chat.

The second thing we added is a volume control for alert notifications. The default sound levels for everyone out there on the Internet can be pretty varied, so it makes sense to add this straightforward volume control. Too loud? Turn it down.

These two updates will wrap up the major work on our chat upgrade. The old Flash-based chat will stick around for a bit longer, but we will ultimately be turning off the old Flash-based chat. If you haven't tried out the new chat yet, now's a great time to get acquainted with it!

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If you're using IE's Compatibility Mode, this could be related. I wouldn't recommend Compatibility Mode.

I'm running Safari on a Mac; no compatibility mode.  I don't know about the user that's having so much trouble; I'll check with her.



It happened again just yesterday so I took a screenshot.  Not in compability mode.  Pulled up Processes to see if anything strange was running.

Three of my posts did not appear.  Small pane did not seem to be updating as well.  Popped out chat and there they were others posts [but not mine]......but not in small chat pane.  Had to close chat and re-open. 

Thank you

I started using the new chat on my network. It has great functionality. The issue I had was that the new chat has to be a bar on the bottom every page. I love the popout chat. I don't like the chat bar on every page of my network, as it obscures the content. I would like to place a button on my main page that links to the popout chat and not use the chat in the footer. Is there anyway to do this? I think about 5% of my members use chat, the rest don't.

There's not a way to remove it from the footer, although people can simply choose to stay disconnected. You can also put chat on a page, but you can't remove the footer entry point into chat completely. 

Clear chat history is not available on my network. Is anyone else having this problem?

u scrolled all the way to the top?

As Soaringeagle mentioned (thanks!) the clear chat functionality will appear at the top of the window. You'll need to scroll all the way to the top to find it.


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