Hi ... I am member of some awesome Ning Networks and running some own Networks on Ning. Since some days Ning set again the limit for 100 open friend requests. Why a limit for all Ning Networks and not 100 for one Ning Network. For example if I am member of 100 Ning Networks I can add one each Network only one new member. That makes no sense ... a limit for 100 open friend requests for each Ning Network will be okay ... but not the actual limitation. Can Ning change that please?

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I don't think there should be a limit for network creators........
Hi guys!

The reason for this limit is actually the same reason that it can't be excepted for both of your requests: Your friends on Ning are global, not specific to your network. That way, if you're friends with Fred on Network A and you see him on Network B, you'll be friends there too! That way, you don't have to waste time re-friending people that you see on similar Ning Networks.

We've placed a cap at 100 friend requests, so that you can't go into a large Ning Network, make friends with 2,000 people and send them all private messages. And we can't simply exclude NCs from this limit, because an NC on one Ning Network might be a member on another Ning Network.

I hope this helps!

Ning Product Manager
Hi Evan, I understand what you are writting here. I have to remove all open friend requests up to 90 on ning.com ... that I can add 10 new friends. It's nice to join another Ning Community and to have there friends too ... that I see we have some other interests in common.

But why this limit? If I reflect this topic I think it was maybe a reaction that NC's joined other Networks on Ning just for one reason maybe - to invite new friends to their own network. But this isn't possible since some weeks because Ning has removed the option: Invite Your Friends from other social Ning Networks. So why a limit of 100 for the global Ning - why not a limit for each local Ning Network?

Hi Jens!

This is a great point. It might be time to revisit this limit :)

Ning Product Manager
Hi Evan,

thanks and I hope so Ning will revisit the limit for each Ning Networks.

Hi Evan, i have to leave a short note ... I checked out just today that I can't manage my requests which i have send to other members from the new re-designed Ning.com ... where can I delete my requests if Ning do not allow me to send more than 100 requests across all Ning Networks? It is so stupid that I can't add new members on my own network as a friend until other people on other networks will decline or accept my request. Best, Jens
I like the limit.

I just wonder, is there a way that site creators can automatically be a newbies friend when they join?
Well i think i'd rather self-admin my spammerz than have a limit ..
I think it IS possible that the community could respond and contain spam.
SEE: the recent response we had to a spammer in my Acoustic Guitar Magazine Community GROUP "Members Acoustic Guitar Music"
It took all of an hour to delete identify and delete the persons profile.
It's all a matter of having faith in human nature
Most of the people on ning are here because it's a pure and specific social network that they will fight to keep relevant and spam free ..
Maybe you could test it somehow ?
Best of luck ..
yeah, i see what you mean--would allow NC's to spam their site
I understand that this limit was put in place to keep spammers in check, but for an NC it makes it very difficult. As people join my network, I add them as a friend and send them their welcome by adding a personal message to that friend request. Not everyone always accepts my friend requests immediately, so when I accumulate 100 outstanding, I have to go withdraw my oldest friend requests so that I can make new ones. I don't want to withraw friend requests that I have sent to my members as they may not have had time to accept.

So, even making this network-specific wouldn't solve the dilemma for me (an NC), unless you make it network specific and allow the NC to throttle how many total friend requests a member can make for that network. Furthermore, the NC account should simply not have this limit imposed as they will not be Spamming anyone, and they need to be Friends with everyone.

Perhaps an easier solution for this would be to add an option for an automated friend request with personal message (defined by the NC somewhere in Manage tab) is delivered from the NC any time that a new member joins, and it simply overrides/ignores the 100 limit. This would be great for NC's so they I don't have to manually go send this each time someone joins (and type the same welcome message). This is, of course, assuming that others do it this way too.
Hey guys!

I've explained up above why we're not going to exclude NCs from this limit. However, we will be exploring allowing NCs to automatically commenting on a member's profile when they join and raising the overall number of pending friend requests any member/NC can have.

Ning Product Manager
I have a related problem that I have not seen addressed. I was a member of one network where I greeted and sent a friend request to each new member. I usually had near the limit of outstanding friend requests. I am no longer a member of that network (banned) and have started my own. I can not send any friend requests, the window tells me I have reached my limit of 100, even though those requests are from a network I am no longer a member of.

How can I clear this up so I can sent a friend request with my welcome message to each new member of my network?

Thanks for your time.



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