I'm learning quickly, but there's something I'd like to do. I have had members on the network all day, then one member came on, started chatting in the main room, and everyone left. It may be a coincidence, but I feel people may have gotten annoyed by the posts... since everyone is messaged, and everyone recieves the chat sound notification. Some people like to be left alone.

I need the reference to the main room chat, and the chat bar module for main chat entry. I want to hide those modules so they are no longer used. The only function I want left, is the member list (chatbar) and private chat message modules that pop up when you click on the name of the member you want to chat with (chatbar)

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Proud to announce that I've figured this out on my own!!

Really starting to get the hang of this... slowly. :)

Here's how I allowed only private chats.

Don't have a tab leading to the main page chat. This way the only way to chat is via the chat bar.

Insert this into your custom code (within style tags of course)



Proud of myself, wish you could see me beaming! :) Lol.

View it! http://addictapic.com

PS. to do this, I used firefox right click on top of the main chat module on the chat bar, and "inspect element." I then viewed the many codes attached to the specific section I was inspecting.... got the right element on the first try!!! Yup, so happy.

Awesome What I would like to be able to do is disable Private Chat but keep the main chatroom, most of my members do not want private chat with the thoughts that if it can't be said with onlookers then it doesn't need to be said. Each network has different needs I guess

Use this code in advanced css area to disable pvt chat

.xg_privateChat .xg_chatWindow {
display: none!important;

Well, it works fine in my site. Thank you just M.

Use this code for both the windows

.xg_privateChat {
display: none!important;

Hey Just M, want to disable your pop out window? Here's what I did!

.xg_window.xg_sprite.xg_sprite-window-popout {display:none!important;}

Now I'm trying to figure out how to extend the chat bar header text so "photographers online" fully shows... instead of "photographers onl..."


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