Since our "send to friends" has a limitation, I decided I would post my Holiday card in a Forum Discussion.


A Holiday card to all my friends on Ning!


If you would like to create your own, go here:





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Thanks Developers ,

I created a lots :DDDD



Love it.  Just sent the link to all my Ning Network members.

I thought it was pretty cool, too!

Happy Holidays!


Thank you Jen! I received your card and I love it. Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Hey Jen,


What about the FB like button, did you add this yourself?

Hi Agosthina,

Happy you liked the card!


On the FB button, Ning added that to the page where you can create a Card. That's all done by Ning. I was just telling my friends about it. ;-)


Happy Holidays,


I had no idea that ning had this Jen. This is wonderful! I'm going to give my members the link as well. I had just made a Christmas card for my friends here at NING Creators (you too Jen) and my network and just sent it, lol. Jen, here ya' go:

Ho ho hooo! I am dancing Santa Claus and I have a wish for you. Watch my dancing Santa video card at

Glad you liked it! I don't typically care for this sort of thing. But I thought Ning did a stupendous job on this, really cool.

Happy Holidays

You too Lil Ace!

LOL @ "Lil" cute Jen and great tip! I actually wanted to speak with you Ive ben super busy these days in the office but I havent forgotten our "lil" project LOL! I have created "gift certificates" for my network, very awesome! And I want a way to upload them to a page where other members can send their friends gift certificates to use on our network for perks I have in mind. Any ideas?

Wow Cool.


I Think This is not Flash.


Created With HTML 5


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