Member Categories: Now integrated with Profile Questions and Paid Access

Read all about how to Integrate Member Categories with Profile Questions in the Help Center.

Two requests we've heard about the new member categories feature are to a) add the ability to tie categories into Profile Questions so members can automatically be placed into categories upon sign-up, and b) tie this into Paid Access. We're happy to report that we've completed the work for both of these. If you've thought member categories might be a nice-to-have feature, these changes may turn it into a must-have feature.

Automatically add new members to categories

Most Network Creators ask their members a few profile questions when they sign up. Now, you can use a multiple-choice question to automatically slot members into a custom-made member category:

  • You'll find the option to assign members to categories only when you use multiple-choice Profile Questions.
  • You can assign a member to only one category, so one "single-answer" multiple-choice profile question can be used for this purpose.
  • Create a question and match up the answers you've specified with the categories you've created. New members are automatically added to those categories.
  • You can easily add or remove answer choices. You can also drag and drop the answer choices into the order you prefer.
  • You can assign members to categories using up to 10 multiple-choice answers. The first 10 you've indicated will be used. You can always reorder these by dragging and dropping them.
  • Want to use a Profile Question you've been asking for the past two years to put people into new categories? Not a problem. You can retroactively assign members to new categories you've created based on the answers they've given in the past.

A few things to keep in mind

  • One person, one category: Members can only be in one category at a time (the most recent category they were assigned to, whether that was manually or automatically).
  • More robust messaging: You can use member categories to message your categories directly, so this gives you a more powerful way to filter members for messaging purposes.
  • Simpler might be better: You have the flexibility to keep changing these details, but too much revision of category designations might confuse members if they are continually moved to new categories. Of course, it's all up to you, but we recommend picking a few categories and sticking with them.
  • New Profile Questions & Old Members: If you want to create a new profile question and tie it into member categories, existing members will need to edit their profile question list. They can do this from their Settings page.
  • Adopt this when you're ready: Not sure how you want to use this yet? This is an optional features, so you can always add this later if you're not ready to jump in.

Member Categories + Paid Access

The other big request we've heard from Network Creators is to tie the new member categories into the Paid Access optional add-on. We knew that would be a big request, and we're happy to report that this second round of improvements now supports Paid Access. We've added two different ways to encourage your members to sign up for special membership designations and badges.

Fixed-price paywall integration

Use Member Categories in conjunction with a fixed-price paywall to assign paying members who pay to a custom-made category. For example: You want members who pay to subscribe for access to a special VIP Group to be identified with a special VIP badge. You can simply assign those paying members to a custom-made category.

Donation paywall integration

Use Member Categories in conjuntion with a donation paywall to encourage members to give more to achieve a higher level of prestige. You do this by setting a threshold for payment that puts one (higher-paying) class of membership on a pedestal. For example: Gold members = $20/year donation; everyone who contributes below that amount = Silver member; all non-paying members = a non-paying category (you can simply use the "default member" designation for non-paying members if you choose).

We hope you will find a lot of new uses for Member Categories using these two new ways to extend the feature. Let us know how you plan to use it!

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I can not find any information on how to convert this question to categories:

You won't be able to use this one, Rowald. Only multiple-choice questions that you create all of the answers for will work. Only the specific choice of multiple choice: 

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

im finding bugs galore in this

1 when you make a paywall integration with donation and u want 2 categories it ads them even if they select 0.00 and dont donate

2 i cant change the donation ammount for the 1st category it always resets to the  default

3 huge 1 here once someones been auto moved to the category then moved back (subscriprtion ended or category removed) then moved to a diferent category manualy after 24 hiurs they move back to members!

i have "expert" categories set up

i had a couple dozen experts assigned to them then i set up the supporters that donated because of glitcgh 1 thousdands of non donrs were moved to the donors..and all experts moved out except me

i worked around glitch 1 by only having 1 suporters category those who donat4d above suggested (since i cant change the suggested to 1.00)

i moved many of the experts back..twice..but they keep rseting to members the next day

this isnt working properly at all

I'd like to use the member categories for company profiles.  Are there any plans for linking individual profiles with company pages? 

what do you mean you mean a company page off your site? they can already link profiles to their websites

but if thats bnot what you mean yiu need to clarify

i think you might mean you want  to catagorize  companies lile

car manufacturers

insurance providers

retail sales

then move the members into the categories they belong in/

or do you mean have a seperate profile for the individual and the company and link them somehow

i really dont get what your trying to do

Not sure I understand, Andrew. These member categories are tied into member profile pictures for the most part. The rest of the functionality is only visible to the NC and admins.

When I load the profile questions tab, I see the options and then they disappear. Thoughts? Sometimes if they stay I check the boxes but then cannot click save.

We have more than 10 possible answers to the specific multiple choice question categorizing members from the start of the site. Any chance this is whats causing the above issue, or this limit of 10 will increase?

only the 1st 10 will be used

In that case we have a bug, if the options do show up, we cant click save when in Profile Questions.

theres more then 1 bug i found a couple too


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