Joining or signing into a Ning Network is about to get a lot easier. One-click easy.

We're excited to announce that we'll be rolling out Social Sign-In throughout the day, which allows your members to sign up or sign in to a Ning Network via Facebook, Google or Yahoo.

Signing Up

Previously, signing up for a Ning Network required entering an email address, choosing a password and filling in some basic information. Now, all that can be done with just a couple of clicks. When potential members join a Ning Network using Facebook, Google or Yahoo, they will not need to create an additional password to keep track of.

Their name and email will also be automatically retrieved, without needing to type it in. Better yet, if a member signs up with Facebook, their birthdate, gender, profile photo and (later this month) location will be pulled as well, if the network has added those profile questions.

Signing In

Adding Social Sign-In to your Ning Network makes signing in to a Ning Network incredibly simple too. Previously, members needed to first click the "Sign In" link, then type in their email address and password on the following page and click "Sign In" again.

Now, all it takes is a click. On the Sign Up/Sign In box in the top-right corner of your Ning Network, members will now see an icon for each service Network Creators have enabled for Social Sign-In.

If a signed-out member clicks on the icon of the service they used to join, they'll be signed in right away — no extra steps or clicks needed. It's hard to get easier than that.

Setting it up

As a Network Creator, you'll need to enable Social Sign-In, as the feature is off by default. To do this, just head to the new "Sign up/Sign in" management page on your Dashboard, under "Members." Once there, check the boxes next to Facebook, Google and Yahoo for the services you'd like to allow members to sign up and sign in with.

This implementation of Social Sign-In lays the foundation for supporting additional methods of third-party authentication. Facebook, Google, and Yahoo! are the initial set of available services, and we will be adding more options in the future. Social Sign-In is powered by Janrain, the leading user management platform for the social Web.

This new feature is only available to Ning Plus and Ning Pro subscribers. For more information about the feature, check out these frequenty asked questions.

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im lovin it

Mine has not kicked in yet, but I like it already,

Question, if a someone signs up (new) with this feature will they still be required to answer our other custom profile questions?

Hey Katie!


Yup, they'll still be taken to the profile questions page.


Beautiful.  Thanks!

Hey Evan!


I've had this for better than a week with no problem until now. As per your suggestion elsewhere, I attempted to remove the Scripts4Ning Real Login script. I unchecked the box, saved then logged out. As I was being logged out, the default Ning log in appeared for a second then returned to the S4N log in. I log back in to see what went wrong, and I notice none of the S4N controls work. I can neither click the Edit or Help buttons. I can uncheck the boxes, as I did with Real Login, but apparently this does nothing.

FYI. I removed the s4n "real login" without incident and the Ning script works ok. I have my fingers crossed that the members will get it...but anticipate some re-education will be necessary.

I hadn't thought about this before, but will this bypass moderation if you've set your network to "Approve new members"? i.e. if a new member decides to sign in via Facebook, do I still have the opportunity to approve them, or do they get straight in?

No. This won't change the way you moderate your membership. If someone signs up via their Facebook account, they will still need to complete profile questions and be approved for membership. 

That's good news - thanks for the clarification, Eric.

Are all Networks getting this today, or shall I stop regularly refreshing my browser to see if it's there yet? (Yeah, I know, but new toys and all that!).

All Plus and Pro networks will get this today. We're rolling it out throughout the day. 

Thanks again, Eric


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