I signed up for Mobile Roadie system as this is what I understood was a seemless integration with my NING site. I have placed my API protocols in their Core program and I find out that the only thing syncing is my site pictures and news. People that join my app can not input their BxRecords Sign In Protocols for my site and fully integrate with it.


I figured they would be able to leave a comment in the app it would sync with the site, so they can always be updated by my news and the pics on the go. I contacted the support section of Mobile Roadie and they seem to hint that this is a NING issue.


If the Mobile integration is not fully ready you should not advertise it to us yet. I don't know if I should have submitted this as a ticket, but let me know something as I have already invested in this project and am in to deep to turn back now. And of course if I misunderstood something set me straight.


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I Wish I could comment back to the site from the app. Is your app letting you do that?

Don't waste your energy on this for real.  Opening a ticket will not open this feature, as I have been down this road.

As I pointed out in either this post or another one. Ning will only let certain things have access to the API. Even though It is in their best intrest to open it up to our Apps they do not. I still have a great app. But it is not sync'ed to my site. It is basically a one way Rss feed from my site. Right now I pay for TWO seperate worlds that will never interact with each other.

For some reason, they only let Seesmic Status write to their API. I still wish they would give true access so our Mobile apps in which we pay for can really integrate with our sites.

Not for nothing Eric, I am so upset right now. Almost to tears.

If Ning lets www.shoutem.com users link to their NIng profiles from the app as Jen has stated here, my head will explode in anger.

Why is it that the people you advertised for us to use, cannot let the users log into their NING accounts. but some Random Third party nobody can?

Below is what was promised through your Mobile Roadie integration and it is still fresh on their site. But after months and months of paying I can not have this. I don't know what else to say here but I feel wronged. If Mobile Roadie can't get in No One should get in.

Hi Alliance,

It's not a case of use letting someone do something or not. The Ning API is public and external developers can use it as they see fit based on our usage policies. There are still large gaps in what can be done via the API, but we're working on it, and just announced new capabilities for looking up friends and tags. Mobile Roadie is a complete and complex mobile publishing platform; the way they have built their integration means that your network users need to sign into either a twitter or facebook account before they have the option to sign into their network account. Once that's done, users can sync photos. We know that that's not a super intuitive experience, and we're talking with them about ways it can be improved.


Sir Phil, I find this statement not true as I have signed into my app with Twitter/Facebook and have no option to sign in to my NING account.

"they way they have built their integration means that your network users need to sign into either a twitter or facebook account before they have the option to sign into their network account"

No one has answered these questions.

If I take a picture in my app where are the photos going on my site? They are not associated with the NC profile.

If my top user downloads my app, should he not be given a choice to put in his Ning Credentials so when he comments on a blog or photo it "Sync" back to the site?

What is the purpose of this Sync Button advertised in the CMS?

I do not see this button in my app?



Why can use things like seesmic to login to my NIng network and react to my site under my profile but my NING sponsered App I cannnot?

Is it not the same API?

Hi Alliance,

It is a true statement. Once you've signed in with either Twitter or Facebook you'll see a new option under Accounts in your app profile to Sync with [Network Name]. That will let you enter your network credentials and once that's done, it will sync any mobile photos you add to the app to your network.


Phil if this was true I would have never started this discussion 4 months ago.

Then I need to point that out again to mobile Roadie.

Can you point out a ning network that is using Mobile roadie in this manner?

I would like to try their app.

Sure thing. You can download the SXSW Unofficial app from iTunes. The network is here. Create a regular account on the network. Sign into the app with Twitter or Facebook first. Once you do, you'll see an option to sync via the network here:



The problem is the wonderful people at Mobile Roadie don't tell you that they prioritize with the Iphone and do not care much about the Android.

So basically if my users have android like me, they are on their own. If they have an Iphone they can sync to site. This is messed up. I wish Mobile Roadie told me this months ago. It would have saved alot of frustration and confusion.

Thank you Phil

There are still large gaps in what can be done via the API, but we're working on it, and just announced new capabilities for looking up friends and tags.


Thanks for this update, it is really great news to learn that Ning is working on improving the API!

In fact, Ning makes relatively clear what is currently possibile and not possible through the API (http://developer.ning.com/docs/ningapi/1.0/overview/introduction.html) and from this information I would conclude that most of the problems with mobile apps stem from API's limitations.

Moreover, I believe that an improved API would provide NCs (at least, those willing to deal with sw development) with a powerful tool to implement a score of additional, custom-made and interesting functionalities, that would significantly add to the value of the platform.

I'm curious to know if you also plan in the (not necessarily near) future to do something for Groups and Forum. Given the importance of the topic, wouldn't it deserve a mention in the Product Roadmap?

(btw, the announcement referred by Phil is in the Build Community)


Hi Franco,

Partial forum access is currently available but is undocumented so not officially supported. Forum replies are just comments attached to a topic, so they should be available for writing via the API as well. We will be building out further features via the API, yes. Generally these things are not something we'll put in the roadmap, since they are only of interest to a limited number of NCs.



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