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Mobile App integration

I signed up for Mobile Roadie system as this is what I understood was a seemless integration with my NING site. I have placed my API protocols in their Core program and I find out that the only thing syncing is my site pictures and news. People that join my app can not input their BxRecords Sign In Protocols for my site and fully integrate with it.


I figured they would be able to leave a comment in the app it would sync with the site, so they can always be updated by my news and the pics on the go. I contacted the support section of Mobile Roadie and they seem to hint that this is a NING issue.


If the Mobile integration is not fully ready you should not advertise it to us yet. I don't know if I should have submitted this as a ticket, but let me know something as I have already invested in this project and am in to deep to turn back now. And of course if I misunderstood something set me straight.


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  • Hey, Alliance. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I wasn't aware of any issues, but please do submit this as a ticket so we can route it to someone who can look into the technical details. 

    • Thanks Eric

  • I have the same issue

  • Im starting to get frustrated because I spent out to promote this thing, I was getting flyers, stickers, word of mouth, etc. I even dipped in my personal savings to complete and now im stuck. I tried to reach out to the app people they say its NING, then Ning says its the app people. Bottomline I have not gotten a promised return phone call or email from either company and im trying to be patient. ( just to clarify Ning only has known for 4 days, the app people have known for a month.)


    Can anyone give me what I was promised?



    • Working on it, Alliance. I have Andy's ticket number. Can you share yours with me? Appreciate it. 

  • I quoted this number to my guy. 5004000000G6hRH He said this was wrong. But found it under my site name.
  • Today is my event, It doesn't look like I will have a solution today but can someone tell me the direction we are going in. Or at least what the talks are looking like between the companies? I need to know what Im gonna say tonight.

    Will I say these features will be available soon? Or should I pass of as a typo?

  • I am starting to think there is a major messup here between Mobile Roadie and NING and things do not work as advertised.

    I think the main idea was to have 2 networks that don't talk to each other.  So I have a Web world and a phone world, no way to join the two in any aspect, Comments or picture uploads. Only the mobile reads the web but there is no "SYNC". Its more like a "Info PULL"

  • I finally received an email from Mobile Roadie this is what was said.

    As I stated earlier, the two do not connect. The Ning integration gives you the ability to share photos and blog content between your Ning page and your app.

    From his convo above this implies a one way street from site to app.

    Well, someone needs to tell Mobile Roadie that the problems start with the wording on this page. 

    It states

    Through our partnership with Ning Everywhere, you're able to easily allow content to flow from your Mobile Roadie app to your Ning Network, and vice versa. Simply sign in to your Mobile Roadie account, click on the Ning sidebar item, enter your credentials, choose which content you want to sync and personalize the user sign in message. Once enabled, new member photos and blog posts added to your Ning Network will automatically appear in your Mobile Roadie app. In addition, your members can sign in with their Ning accounts inside your Mobile Roadie app, allowing them to automatically sync their event photos to their Ning profiles. With Ning and Mobile Roadie, your social network is now mobile.

    Whether done on purpose or not this is where the confusion begins. Now If NING is going to open the API like everyone and their momma wants maybe we can move forward.

    Not saying that with attitude, just pointing out that you have guidelines and rules you setup.

    • I need to look into this a bit more, Alliance. Appreciate your patience. 

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