I have a paid-wall site activated (octriclub.com) and most recently, when my users go to octriclub.com/m through their mobile device, they are able to see activity (e.g. activity feed, events, groups, etc) without requiring them to login.

In short, it's open and people are not required to login. Is their a switch or something that I needs to be set? 

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Hey Cisco, This shouldn't require any additional steps. I just tested it out on my smartphone and experienced the same thing: access to all content. I would suggest contacting our support team via the Support link on the dashboard of your network so that we can troubleshoot this for you. To prevent additional unpaid signups, you can switch off the mobile version of your site by deleting all mobile pages and clicking "Save". Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Allison,

I think its an issue because I have two Ning sites and one of them works correctly and the other does not. I''ve submitted a ticket so hopefully they are aware of it. I hope you did as well so that it gets escalated respectively.

If I hear anything, I'll post it back. Thanks Allison and have a great day .'


So this is what ning stated:

"Thank you for contacting Ning! You can control the privacy of your Ning Network by navigating to the My Network tab and clicking on “Privacy” under Settings. There are several privacy options to choose from:
Private- This means that anyone who visits your Ning Network will be directed to a sign in page.

You can change the privacy settings of your Ning Network at any time. If you change it from Private to Public or vice versa, your network will briefly go offline while the changes take effect. I would also like to redirect you to agreat help center articlet explainign this : http://www.ning.com/help/?p=3995. Hopt his helps!?


Okay, this is not a solution if it was working before. Also, Doesn't it make sense that if somebody logs out of a mobile site then, other pages shouldn't be displayed as well just like what they did in their desktop?  

Hi Cisco, I just took another look at your case and noticed that while you do have a paywall activated, the site is fully public. You can have a fully public network where visitors are able to see every page of the network but must pay for membership (to engage with content, comment, create a profile, etc.). It looks like you might be using JavaScript to redirect members to Sign up/Sign in when they click a content item from their desktop.

Instead, I would suggest adjusting your network's privacy settings to 'public (just the main page)'. Adjusting your privacy settings will redirect members to sign-up (similar to your JS redirect). The privacy settings will be the same for the mobile version of your site as well -- when a member signs up, s/he will be prompted to pay.

Hope that helps! 


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