My network keeps getting Unexpected Error and have noticed the frequency has increased since Tuesday.

Any reason for this?

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Has this problem been resolved yet? I have been seeing this VERY often since May 6th.

To add to my annoyance, I had a potential advertiser contact me and tell me when they tried to visit my site it was showing "Unexpected Error"

Is this being looked into?
Hi, Sandy! We had some slowness this week, but everything appears to be working fine. Are you still seeing errors like these?
Hi Eric,why is my Ning App limited.I saw other networks with over 10Ning App's.Also MindJolt games stopped working recently.
Hi Eric,

Yes same thing on my Site...some app`s are not working. Mindjolt is the same way. I was wondering if it was only on mine. And what is up with that ?
am neglected?
I noticed it a few times again on Friday and Saturday. I will let you know if it happens again this week.

Thanks for the response, Eric.
Yes, it's happening again. Tuesday May 18th 9:30AMEST and my site is not accessible.
Are you still having problems? I am able to pull it up.
No it only happened for a few minutes. But this is occurring quite often lately.
It's a sporadic and irritating instability. It's been going on since the first major down times. I'm really growing weary.
I'm checking it out and updating here.
Thanks Eric.


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