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Well here I am again to share my tales of woe...

As most know many website owners took advantage of the offer ot build our 3.0 and that the Migration from our 2.0's would happen. After waiting nearly 3 yrs...

After many tickets about this issue... they first- finally found the 3.0 that I spent a loot of money on and now they sent this

"As far as we can see your network is based on 3.0 version and you have a Demo Monthly plan on it. If you would like to keep this network just let us know which payment plan you'd like to have. 

Second network ( is based on 2.0 version and unfortunately the migration has been aborted. That's mean that this network will have the same version. "


Has anyone else received this information?


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  • Do you  mean your 3.0 has been a sandbox (free) site for several yrs now, had many members at some point, and now they want you to start paying for it if you want to keep it?  Seems reasonable.Not too surprising that  they would be going through allthe 2 or 3 yr old free Sandbox sites wanting them to finaly pick a plan & start paying up.

    Concerning your other 912 site, what does "..this network will have the same version" mean?- can you clarfy what that means or what you think it means?

    • Well, not exactly. I was one of the first to migrate- however my 3.0 never fully functioned and prior ot my emailing Ning- I have not able to "see" t his 3.0. - for the last 3 years- they hid it - I could see the other 3.0-I actually had 2 sanboxes at one point.Bottom line neither functioned... I could not seem to make them understand that I had a name change on my 2.0- all I wanted was a fully function-able 2.0 or 3.0 that would have the URL the same as my name!! Yes some members did get migrated over but not all... So when I had to pick- the only option I had was to stay on my old 2.0.. As to the second question- I think it means my 2.0 will always be a 2.0...So- in other words nothing is going to change for me...I wrote and asked for clarification but  the reply is still confusing...However some who read this refer me to the CEO s list of things they are going to do- and it does say they will work on migration... I just don't think it will be for me! I think they released the 3.0 to me - thinking as long as it had the correct URL (members or content or not) I believe they thought I would accept it... When I grow some patience- I will write to them again! Hope that helps!

  • NC for Hire

    Where did you read that the migration was "aborted"? That would be troubling.

  • Hello there!

    The migration process was temporary paused a few months ago. It is going to be renewed as soon as all systems are stabilized and new features are added to the Ning 3.0. platform.  

    We do apologize for the inconveniences.


    Ning Team

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