I have just finished an overhaul on my network as we have expanded from just a model airplane network to encompass all types of model collectors. I would really like some honest feedback and or suggestions from all of the skilled NC's on the site!

All feedback is welcome and appreciated!




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very clean and easy to navigate, great job! one suggestion, lose the ad in the header, that car is way too nice for that obtrusive ad there lol other wise its an excellent look brother, keep up the great work!

Thank you! I hate ads also! All the work you put into your site and you try to squeeze and ad in somewhere! lol

I hope that you get genuine peoples views, i've come to notice that having this site critique your site will have you thinking you have so much more to do when in reality you visit other sites and its like WTH is this? lol I like your site and I say that with all ingenuity, only thing I would change is removing ads from the header, let that nice baby blue car stand out!

Overall first impression: Sweet, clean, simplistic (a good thing). Adore the model car in header. If you didn't have the ad at top, you would have the wow effect. Maybe consider more space between header and ad.

same thing I said Jen lol Awesome reply!


I always value your opinion! Thanks for everything!


simple, clean and sober. u may save space by reducing the size of car. here SIZE DOES NOT MATTER.........


see what I mean bro? 30 views and only 4 replies and 2 of them are from me! lol no offense but some of the "creators" here dont give a damn about what you're building unless it involves them in some way. I had a guy come to my site today to help out and I was actually paying him for an exclusive job. Guy comes thru and says "I change my mind because you have other people admining your site as well" WTH is that about? Im about done with creators, I can hire someone to do small mods for less monies than I've offered or have dished out! Jen is good people and helps out a lot so take her words seriously, in fact let me run my new idea by jen and see what she thinks! 

Thank you!

Nice, sleek look Matt.  Wish I was a collector now. *lol*  I noticed that there are no blog or forum feeds on the home page.  Maybe they're still building or you don't wish them displayed but I think you could benefit by a RSS feed on the home page from some of your favorite scale model or collector magazines or Facebook pages.  I'd also throw your photos into a side column in slideshow fashion to "grab" a visitors attention.  Just my .02............nice job!

Thank you!

The site just transitioned from an all airplane model site to include all models... I have removed blogs from the home page only to make it look less about airplanes for the time being!

Great idea about the RSS feeds! Than can give me the diverse content I need at least in the beginning if not all the time!



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