My comment is with storage. To me the whole thing hinges on the answers to these questions:

Will current storage capacity be taken into consideration in the Ning Plus package?

Will there be an upgrade path for strorage without uprgrading to Pro?

Will there be an ability to selectively delete/export current content i.e. photos (for example by date) as well as export audio and video?

Thanks guys.

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Hi Pablo,

Ning Plus includes up to 10 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth. This will allow your members to upload approximately 5,000 to 10,000 photos. Embedded video and music won’t impact your storage or bandwidth. We are considering providing Ning Plus Networks with the option to purchase additional storage and bandwidth.

We are also planning to give Network Creators additional ways to control their storage and bandwidth. And when we launch in July, you will be able to export your content, including music and video.

Thanks John. The ability to upgrade storage on Ning Pro would be excellent and (I might add) the only way to go. I also think selective exporting will be essential to network creators. I'm warming to the idea!

You didn't mention current content though. Will current content be taken into consideration when we migrate to any new package?

Yes, your current content that will still be available in your new package (e.g. photos in Ning Plus) will count toward your new storage limit.

Does that answer your question?
Yes. Many thanks.

All the more reason to request the selective delete/export function (for content other than vids and audio) and also the additional storage package option for Plus.

I'll be more than happy to stay if this is the case. And thanks again for the answers.
Yes, we need a faster way to delete photos. This one at a time routine doesn't cut it. Some of my members have thousands of pics.
Right now their only real option is to leave and come back to a blank slate.
We also need the ability to purchase extra storage in the Plus plan. There is no way my 125 members can support a $50 mo service. We are mostly retirees.
another vote for fast photo delete
Also, an NC setting for auto conversion to photo uploads. Many photos are just for online viewing and slideshows and we don't need 5mb files available. This would help manage the storage a great deal.

Allow the NC to automatically down-convert photos larger than a certain size and/or resolution.

An automatic setting for first-in, first-out once you hit the storage limit would keep fresh photos on the site. A notice to the member that is going to lose their photo to export it should they wish to keep it.
I would love an image file size limit tool. Either automatically reject it or resize it.
I am happy with my current membership having the ability to run my own ads and would not need to upgrade to the pro level... but.... I would be forced to do this if I exceeded my picture limit.

So just being able to pay for that extra space would be a perfect option for me. I hope that can be an option also! :)
Hi John, I'm happy to read that the Upgrading of storage will be available on Ning Plus, as i was really concerened also, i have 2 networks, both on premium, mine consists of photos, not music or video uploads, so the Ning Plus is perfect for me, but i'm already at 6000 photos for my photography network and to just add new storage without video uploads etc would be ideal... otherwise it would mean $30 more just for an additional 10gb... and on 2 networks thats $60 a month more on top of $19 a month for Ning Plus!! one or both premium networks would have to go if that happened... please can this be announced real soon to put our minds at rest?

Also John, what is the price for each 10gb? the pro says 20gb plus upgrade, but their is no price for each 10gb upgrade?

I think we just need to see what things are going to cost sooner rather than later,

Thanks, Jay
OK, will there be a way then to limit members to 40 photos?
So am i understanding that to mean, no limit on embedded vids? we have over 400 embeded vids.



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