New: Sign Up for Ongoing E-mail Updates About the Ning Platform

No one likes downtime or bugs, but they occasionally happen. When they do, many of our customers look to this community for answers. Starting today, we're giving you the option of signing up for email updates to the Ning Status blog.

If you're not familiar with the Ning Status blog, it's where we report major issues. We've always done that, but what's different now is that you can opt to subscribe to email updates.

If you decide to sign up for Ning Status email updates, you'll see three kinds of updates:

  • Platform outage info: The Ning Status blog is hosted externally from Ning's servers, which provides a way for Ning to communicate with its customers in the event of platform downtime. We'll always update about this type of outage on the Ning Status blog as soon as we have a confirmed report. Thankfully, those types of outages are few and far between.
  • Important bugs and issues: If a feature isn't working as expected, we may report it here.
  • Notes about planned maintenance: If we need to perform planned maintenance, we have a number of ways of contacting customers, including by posting on the Ning Status blog.

What you won't see: We don't update the Ning Status blog with every single bug or report we hear about. Some issues are intermittent or need more research and confirmation. Some issues we hear about turn out to not be issues at all. So, we generally leave the Ning Status blog to more serious issues that we are currently working to resolve.

One reason we are providing this option: Some customers would prefer it if we send out emails as soon as any outage might potentially affect their members. This will help accomplish that goal efficiently and effectively for those who want that level of detail.

Of course, not everyone needs this level of detail. In fact, I would caution that notifications like this could become tedious, so I really only recommend it for the Ning power user. We have a lot of those power users here on Creators, so thank you for asking for it! We hope it will be a useful tool for those who want it.

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Nice.. Good Work :)

Awesome!  It did, however, go to my spam in GMail.

Well, that sucks. Thanks for letting us know. We'll see what we can do. 

i know this is only partialy semi related but how do i  make it so i get the creators best of the week email wich i havent got in ages

Did you unsubscribe to other emails? That might have done it. I will try to add you back. You've been in every issue somewhere in there. 

i dont think i have

just checked only "when someo e joins creators" is unchecked

I would put the sisitema to submit on my site

how about a text update? :)

No plans to incorporate status updates as text messages. I think that may be a little too much information. 

Okay, you stated that we can sign up for email updates?  Where?  What am I missing here? The link loads to the status blog, but I do not see where to sign up for email updates.

Never mind, found it!

No link in the confirmation email...


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