We're no fan of spam at Ning. We know it can be an annoyance, especially for Ning Creators who choose not to moderate membership. While we can't solve for every type of spam attack, we have put in place a number of spam tools in the last two years that can make a difference. If you haven't turned all of those on yet, we encourage you to take a minute to make sure you're Preventing Spam in the best ways you can.

Today, we're releasing another spam tool that allows Ning Plus and Pro to perform both email domain and IP banning. 

IP banning is a request we've had over time from people here on Creators, so we are sure that a few folks who've wanted to see this will be happy that it's now available. The feature is fairly straightforward, and it's entirely optional. You'll see a new column in Member Management for IP addresses, and you'll see the option to block in the Sign-up/Sign-in area.

Block IP addresses at sign-up

You can prevent anyone coming from a specific IP address from signing up for your site. Just enter the IP address you want to block, and no one will be able to sign up from that IP address.

Block email domains at sign-up

Similarly, you can choose email domains that you want to block from signing up for your community. If you see spam coming from an email domain like johnny4255@sharklasers.com, you can block all sign-ups that come from the @sharklasers.com domain.

Of course, these are powerful tools, so we recommend using them carefully and thoughtfully. If you ban an IP that hundreds of thousands of people potentially use, you cut off access to thousands of potential members.

  • These options are only available to the Network Creator; not admins.
  • You can remove the bans you put in place at any time.
  • If someone is unable to sign in because of these blocks, they will see a specific message. The specific message is located in the Language Editor and can be customized.
  • If someone is unable to sign in, they can still contact you, provided you have not turned off that option. That option is located in your own personal Email Settings area (Feedback and problem reports).
  • The reports you receive from members having trouble includes the email and IP address, as well as whether either is blocked.

One other thing to note about this feature is that you may see that an IP record is "unavailable" in your listings. In most cases, this will be because the member joined before we were able to capture their IP address (i.e., before this tool was turned on a few weeks ago).

Want to know where an IP is geographically located? Look it up on InfoSniper

You can read all about how to Block an Email Domain or IP Address from Signing Up in the Help Center.

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 Eric Suesz great :-) 

Thank you so much for this.
This is a very good news!.


Great news, Eric!

I am sure that a lot of NCs will be very happy to hear about this cool tool; thanks!

Best wishes!


Great news Eric, thanks.

Great Eric.. Awsomeeeeeeee.

Eric please tell me how to find IP address of any spammer  ?any way to view IP address of Members ?

ismail, sign up IP addresses are now listed in the member management page.

Disney World Christmas Package D

M.ar.y.b.elleG.e.ne.v.ie.v.04@gmail.com  Nov 15, 2012


Chase Routing Number Whittier Ca

Sa.l.li.e.Armst.r.o.n04@gmail.com  Nov 15, 2012


Thrifty Christmas Decorations Bl

M.ar.yb.el.leG.en.e.vie.v.0.4@gmail.com  Nov 15, 2012


These are my current Spammers. What to Block?. Of course i can,t block Gmail, as far i think they are changing their IP,s each time.. any way i added above 3 IP,s for now.

IF all NC,s start Provding IP,s list then it will help all of us.

Thanks Phil McCluskey FOr quick Response. Waiting for Suggestion 

2 from China

1 From Russia Federation (Saint Petersburg)

These are the same spammers that I am having so much trouble with. I am getting upwards of 12 spammers a day signing up with these gmail addresses also. A very time consuming problem!! They are not using the same IP addresses so I can't block the IP address. Blocking gmail as a domain is not viable either

Have you had any response to this?  I am having the same problem and don't see here where or if it has been addressed?

Hey, Lisa, Marianne. This tool won't help with GMail addresses. Obviously, you can't ban the GMail domain without affecting a lot of potential members who want to sign up. GMail can be used by a lot of spammers, but unfortunately this is a different type of spam that is harder to solve for.

Eric, what do you mean, GMail addresses can not be blocked?

And the second question I'd ask is: When one site IP address is added tothe list, does that stop this person from joining other Ning sites too?


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