I had a member try to post a very long chapter, and she copied and pasted her already formatted document from Word into the editor.  What did she get??


The same extraneous characters as before that sent her WAY over the 40,000 character limit!!!  She's so frustrated that she's threatening to pull all of her fiction from Ning sites!  And this is a very good writer we're talking about !!!  (Not that any of you care about fan fiction, since it isn't a money-making business.  *sarcasm*)


I thought this editor was going to have a Word plug in that would make it mesh with Microsoft Word, the most used word processing software??!!!


I'm not happy now...

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You're supposed to use the Paste As Plain Text option, I think.

This text editor does not have a Word plug-in. I strongly suggest composing in some other type of text editor. Word is notorious for adding reams upon reams of extraneous code. Or, as Janettee notes, you can use the new "Paste as Plain Text" button. I would recommend that, for sure. 

Strange to see you discourage a WYSIWYG word processing program when you've just installed a WYSIWYG Text Editor that does the exact same thing.

It's double work to reformat a document that many times is TWELVE pages long and that's ALREADY formatted!!  This editor is nothing more than useless fluff to us now...


Besides, i specifically remember a Ning employee saying it contained a Word plug in that was promised to do away with this.  Why do you think I was so excited???  See the quote below.  Did I interpret the part in bold wrong???


Using the Plain Text tool will remove your formatting, but also ensures that there is no extra code. However, if you just paste the text straight into the text box, we've used a Paste from Word plugin that should make everything show up properly. Can you try both approaches and let me know what you see (try clicking "add discussion" and doing it there).

- Evan  (We're Trying Out a New Text Editor!


Hey, sorry if I am unclear. This is better than the previous one at dealing with Word HTML. It's not going to be foolproof when it comes to Word's HTML. I understand your frustration. Just the other day, I was given some HTML copy that was generated from Word, and I had to start over and reformat it before using it in a Wordpress blog post.

I use a program called Scrivener for writing, and I use one called Taco for HTML. Both are for Mac, but there are a ton of programs you can use that are similar, many of which are free. You could always just use Notepad to write in, although I think a writing app is great to use, especially if you are doing some creative writing. 

What other text editor would you suggest, Eric and where can I find one that i can embed on my site that will actually do what I want it to do??  I have no idea and no one can seem to give me any specifics.


Try clicking the HTML button before you paste. I use Microsoft Word and have had no trouble yet. Notice I said yet!

That doesn't do any good, Jim.  It strips all the formatting away and you have to go back and reformat a document that you've already spent HOURS typing and formatting.  I hate this...


I've used NotePad and it does the same thing.  Can someone on Ning give me a NAME of a word processing program that will mesh with this editor WITHOUT adding all the stupid characters???  (I don't have a Mac, and I would prefer something free.  I've tried Open Office and it does the same thing.)


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