The end of 2012 is closing in fast and it’s been quite the year at NING. Just look at this list of what has been accomplished:

  • Email & IP Banning at Sign-up
  • Privacy Policy Feature
  • Ning Mobile
  • Additional Invite Services: Facebook, Linkedin, and Windows Live
  • Profile Question Limit Raised
  • Removal of Standard Broadcast Message Header
  • New Sign-Up Options
  • Detail Pages For Status Updates
  • Member Categories & Badges
  • Moderate Forum
  • Activity Feed UI Clean-Up
  • RSS Feeds in Network Activity Feed
  • Twitter Search in Social Feeds & New Activity Indicator
  • Chat Product Finalization and Updates.
  • Improved Member Management Interface
  • Top News added to Latest Activity Feed

And big decisions:

  • NC’s For Hire
  • Changes to the NING Mini Plan
  • Creators Digest is now Every Other Week
  • Ning Creators Gets a MakeOver
  • Updated Ning logo in network footer
  • Brand New Help Center
  • EU Cookie Directive
  • Removal of Networks that Never Purchased a NING Plan
  • NING TOS Changes

Wow, that’s quite a bit of success for this year! Good job NING!

Well the Roadmap still has some items on it and whether or not they will be finished before the year-end we are unaware, but that can’t stop us from wishing away for 2013! What would you love to see developed on NING in 2013 in addition to what’s on the current Roadmap?

My Dreams:

  • On-Site Notifications – Similar concept to Facebook
  • Profile Page update – Make it look more classy, sleek, and new layout options.
  • Friends only activity feed
  • Updated Photo and Video player so they can be accessed via mobile

Just a few of my big dreams! J

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I expect that File Manager and Video Direct UpLoad features will be made available to Ning Plus.

Good one. I expect to see a ""people you may know"" feature introduced on ning. This will make it easy for people to easily create their own circle of friends and get a good reason to come back after signing up.

on most networks i think this would be a wasted feature. on facebook et al this works because there are millions of people, but on most Nings where numbers equal hundreds, i'm not sure this is a worthwhile use of development time?

You have a good point. I guess we can keep it for the near future.

Actually I see a ton of value in this - if you have a truly focused network, then there's no reason why this shouldn't work..

Neat idea. I'm with SweetPotato on this one. Maybe if it showed other users who answered questions the same and displayed people to follow with similar interests, it may work better.

+1 People you may know option would be wonderful.

Also, Notifications, friends only activity feed and categories for forums and videos. As for photos, it would be great if we can add photos directly to albums 'before' uploading the photos rather than afterwards. Just a couple of things I would like to see first in 2013. Before closing though, I would like to thank Ning and especially Eric for a fantabulous 2012!

Pump up on-site notifications for sure! That would declutter my mailbox quite a bit lol :)

You mean categories for groups this is something we need

I already have this, quite easy to do, just use FlashVortex free or not free depending on whether you wish the logo off.

I have a top tab that says "Group Index", and that is where it is  with categories and it lists all my groups under each category.

Categories for practically everything would be wonderful :)

or make file manager an Add On, although not for $10, $5 maybe.


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