Today, I’m excited to announce some great news for Ning and our customers. We’ve signed an agreement to be acquired by Glam Media. You can also read my post on the Ning Blog.

Glam Media pioneered connecting the world’s top brand advertisers with targeted vertical audiences online. Glam has a reach of 84 million unique monthly visitors in the U.S. and 200 million visitors globally. They have more than 2,500 publishers organized across multiple vertical categories including: for women, Glam Entertainment for adults, for men and for health and wellness seekers.

We will continue to provide you with the most powerful platform to create, grow, and manage passionate online communities. Ning will continue as a separate division within Glam Media. No immediate changes to the team, the product, or the business are planned as a result of this, and we’ll continue on our path of releasing new innovative features to make your Ning sites more successful.

Some of our Ning communities are already part of the Glam Media network, and we’ll share updates to the roadmap and information on how to apply to join the Glam Network in the coming weeks.


Want to know more about Glam Media and details about this acquisition?

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ok so its been almost 2 months since this happened when can we start running glam ads? the xmass seasons coming  this is the time to make and spend alot more $ so we should be taking advantage of this now..

can we get an estimate on how soon we can begin gaining from this news?


Will we be able to run both Glam ads and Google ads or are you required to choose only one?

Hey, Gina. Good question. The key detail about this (for anyone else who is also reading along) is that anyone who wants to run Glam Media ads will need to apply to do so, which you can do here. Just want to make sure everyone understands that running these ads requires being first accepted into the ad network.

Okay, that aside, I think that some additional advertising is allowed (and there are some additional details in the terms of service about that on the application page which might answer that question). To be perfectly honest, that's probably a question that our folks who deal with this specific program can answer with authority better than me. Just wanted to get an answer to you before the weekend hits. If I can follow up further next week, I will try, but I heartily encourage you to apply for this opportunity. Your network seems like a pretty great candidate for this program (and would undoubtedly be much more lucrative than more generic Google ads). 

Thanks Eric. I appreciate the quick response. I will see if I can find the TOS for both Glam and Google adsense so I understand the rules better. Happy new year!

I am currently running Google Ads and would like to know if it's easy to get approval for Glam Ads?  In the initial sign-up for Glam Ads, I read that the network must have 100,000 page views per day, which I don't believe we have.  Please provide any info.  Thanks. 

i just got rejected myself

so yea its not that easy and u do need alot of traffic

oh and it took me months to get the damn signup form to work had to try several diferent browsers finaly got it to work and get rejected..pretty disappointing

Well, if you got rejected, I probably don't stand a chance!  Thanks! :-)


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