Below are the codes I'm using.  Anyone know how to get rid of the black line below the NIng Bar?

#xn_bar #xn_bar_menu {background-color: #a57841;}
#xn_bar #xn_bar_menu a {color: #ffffff !important;}


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Give this a try..

#xn_bar {
border-bottom: 0px!important;

Thanks, but no luck, it's still there.

link to your site its maybe not below the ningbar but above whats below it

its alot easier to figure out if i can see it on your site and play with code  thanks!

#xn_bar, .xg_theme-ningbar-bc {
  background-color: #FFFFFF;

You're the man, thanks!   If you have any suggestions for my tabs, I'd appreciate it? I'm basically happy with them, but thinking about having an orange tab for each category (with spaces) and have them match the drop downs.  I unlocked to public so you could check it out.  Thanks again!

if i remember corretly when the design studio was released there was a design contest and 1 of them had a menu with lil bones deviding the tabs that would be cutre

u could do something like i have here

yours li=o0k fine except the shape of top levenl and subtabs dont work right together

also main  page center collumns empty is that only temporary while u develop?

Yours are great, but my site is not as flashy.  I'd like to get it to where my tabs and drop-downs fit the words and a tab for each category, like yours.  As you said, I need to get the top level shape to match the sub tab.

Yep, the center columns are empty for development.  It's beyond anything I could do.  I want a custom search, categories on the marginal left, map on the right, with results populating.  Search results below.  I just haven't gotten to look for anyone to do it yet.  Something I was hoping to tackle this week...


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