I feel that I will waste my ressources if i use longer than necessary NING as a provider for my open social network. I know that NING promised that we can migrate from NING and that they will gives us a TAR file which can be used to save the content of my network. In this case I am a total newbie and do not what what I have to expect as this file. How to handle this - are there any tutorial videos which will explain me how to re-install these xml files with a community builder by boonex or JomSocial. Any suggestions?


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Hello! As we've mentioned, we'll be providing you with a way to archive your Ning Network. At that time, we'll also have a tutorial and links to a number of online resources. However, I don't have any tutorial videos for you to watch at this time. If you're considering moving to a different service, I would contact them directly and ask them how they usually import a social network or community into their system -- if they do.
Thank you Eric for your response. If my members like to maintain my network I think i will use JomSocial or Boonex. So I have to wait until NING will providing me a way to archive my network. During June 12th to July 22nd we will have holyday seasons in Germany and I will be off - will there be enough time after July 22nd because during this time I will be mostly offline. Shall I send you this Network Content Export release form per Air Mail as soon as possible?
You can fax it in.
Thanks Eric, good to know! Actually I have no access to a fax machine. Lately next week I will send you two fax forms - one for overtones and the other for my second artists4tibet. By the way I will stay on Creators because I have to manage four other NING networks for a non-profit yoga company which will stay on NING.

All I want to do is keep a copy of my Ning group site as an archive as it contains a lot of history of my community during the year we were using Ning. We've already set up a different site for current business and don't need to migrate the Ning - just to have an archive for the history it contains. I'm having an awful time figuring out how to do this so far despite several searches and attempts. I'm not particularly computer savvy, which is why I was steered to Ning in the first place and we're really feeling abandoned here. Can anyone please tell me how to make an archive copy of our Ning?
Install the Ning Archiver App. You'll find a link to it in your Manage section. After you install it, sign-in and download your Groups. That should be it.
thanks - will try
Okay, I found it, followed all instructions and downloaded it. When I tried to open it to view it, I got a message saying Windows did not recognize the file json. It can't find a program online either. What am I missing now? Thanks.
Did you read the Help Center article about how to download your content? I would check that out. It can walk you through each step.
thx yes i did. the problem comes after that, when i tried to open the downloaded files and got the message adobe couldn't open it and windows couldn't recognize it. ps shoulder dislocated few days ago & it't hard to type
You can download two things: the json file and the actual content. I recommend downloading both for your Groups. The json file does not contain photos, videos, etc. They are two different things. You can learn more about json here.

We have additional FAQs like this one that you may want to check out.
I get error messages for the json file as well. It won't read it properly on import and validating it returns "JSON data does not contain JSON data". Any idea what that is about?


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