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Ning, please...

Dear Mode Media - Ning Management Team,

Please share some positive information on this site. It wouldn't take much to let everyone know that all is well and on track. Corporations pay 10s of 1000s to prevent the type of negative feedback that is being offered on I am the first to stand against negativity, I hope. But, I can't blame fellow NCs for being frustrated, feeling lost, and quite frankly feeling a bit betrayed. Please. You have a grand opportunity here to make this right. It won't cost you a penny. Just give us some positive feedback, of any kind. That's all we ask. And, I do believe this would make the grand majority feel much better about the current status of the Ning 3.0 platform.

Now, for what I feel. I have no doubts that everything will be just fine, you will deliver, and all will be well. However, to witness what's happening on this site is very troublesome.

Please, Ning, offer something - - even if it's a "We'll update the masses every 2 weeks."



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          • refresh usually clears it away.  I would imagine all of this ties to the activity feed changes coming

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          • tried joomla years ago for a project never could get it working right  and couldnt get thge support i needed for even a simple thing and gave up

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              • is that a vps or dedicated or cloud thats a great price for 12 gigs of ram  but i giotta wonder if theres some other limitations since its way way less then 1/2 whsat most hosts charge for way way 2-4 gigs  and 4 cpus is usualy like 95+  is it managed or totally unsupported i had a nightmare using godaddy vps cause it crashed every 2 minutes and there was zero support  now im on adiferent vps at 97 a mointh but its managed with excelent support  and thats well worth the price 40 a month and 12 gigs ram is it configured right  or keep it running even an hour

                just saying the privce seems fishy

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                  • looks like its joomla and wordpreess only with only a single site running on a account and if thats true 12 gigs is insane unless u giot a site thats getting millions of hits a day or even hour

                    i bet all of ning every last ning site probably runs on 12-16 gigs..

                    if it is single site that explains the price and  then itrs not exactly cheap

                  • that really doesnt look worthwhile i mean i know your in development still but all i see is links to linkdn pages (signin page so no idea whats there) and a couple ads will there be more to it forums blogs interactions will u be able to map a domain (assume so) and import doesnt look like a very impressive alternative

                    but will hold off on judgment for a more finished product

                    • well let me know if it works out i just rememberi was going to do  a collaborative site for rainbow hipstory the idea was that hipstorians could post  articles  others could post music and videos and it ciuld be a all in 1 place record of rainbow culture

                      but the simplest things wouldnt work..and sucked

                      iun articles u had to incert code where u wanted  to page break and insert a "read more" link but that reaf more/page break never worked all

                      weeks  andweeks of frustration and searching help files and trying to get tech support i still couldnt hget that simple function to work and it was useless

                      besides expecting users with no coding experience to be able to use these codes properly even if i got them working was not likely

                      its not a user freindlgyt platfoerm especialy fromn the end users perspective

                      a cioder creator maybe..a user.,nope

                      but that was about 3 or 4 years back not sure how it is now

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          • technicaly yoiur not stopping payment your paying into an escrow account that will be released once the platforms ready

            1 of my freinds is a law genius a coding genius and a ning creator (but not on creators) ill give her a call tonight and see what she thinks can be done

      • John, this extract from the Ning TOS makes me shiver.

        I am one of the thousands or millions that never take time to read every line on the terms of service before clicking on "Agree and continue."

        To be honest, most people won't sign up if they took time to read clauses like the one quoted above.

        So is there any clause on TOS that weighs in favor of customers? Just wondering.

        Thanks for pointing this out John.

    • You mean the reviews from former employees here?

      Yes, I already mentioned the possibility of a class action suit a couple days ago right here on creators.  Not that I intend to initiate anything like that, I don't...but heck, the odds are that somebody's eventually going to get angry enough to start one. Seems more and more like Glam/Mode can't be bothered to pay attention.

      Again I will mention and  - it would be smart to bookmark those two sites just in case this creators site suddenly is mysteriously 'vaporized'.

      • +1

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