There is an ERROR in the styling of the new Creators Site.

For some browsers, the "OPTIONS" button is missing.  Take a look at the screen capture below.

On the LEFT is Firefox (MAC), and on the Right is Chrome (MAC)

Notice the "Options" button in the top right corner is missing?

I checked, and its only effecting Firefox.

Chrome, Opera and Safari are all ok. I have not been able to check PC versions.

I did check this on 3 different Mac's and they all do the same thing with Firefox.  

The problem is only her eon Creators site. None of my 3 Ning sites have this issue.

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Thanks for the report. We have had some reports like this but haven't been able to reproduce them on-demand. Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce this myself. I see it in all browsers. But I have seen this happen recently. So, you are right that this is happening, but we still haven't gotten to the bottom of it. Dangit. 

Eric, do we have a status update on this? I can't edit any of my pages on!

Check Aaron's note about caching and try a hard refresh. 

I don't get the option button on chrome or firefox on windows. I can tell you that tinyMCE has been borked for me all day - can't edit a comment, sometimes can't reply or create a comment at all, and no editor options, just plaintext.

Chloe: Which version of Firefox are you using? 

I was running the latest version of FireFox 16.0.2 on my MAC Pro Tower, and that is where I seen the error.

Firefox 14.0.1 for Mac on my Macbook Pro had same issue.

Later in the day, the problem seem to resolve its self!?!?!  Not sure what happen, but it has been working now.

It was definitely a NING or FireFox thing.  My other 3 Ning networks did not have the error that I witnessed here on Creators.

Same here, no 'options' button in Chrome 

Debby, I want to make sure we're not confusing the issue here. You shouldn't see the "Options" drop-down menu on this discussion, which Chloe started. The only people who should see that are Chloe herself, and admins on Creators like Eric. 

If you head to one of the discussions you started on Creators such as this one, do you see the Options dropdown?


This is happening for me too, in both Chrome 22.0.1229.94, Safari 6.0.1 and Firefox 16.0.2. Can't edit any of my pages. NOT happy.


Hey Anna,

As Eric noted above, we're not able to reproduce this, and in almost all cases NCs have reported the buttons come back after a hard refresh (Shift-Command-R on a Mac or Control-F5 on a PC). Clearing cache and cookies might also help.

Here's a tip: you can also get directly to edit pages for specific content items by adding /edit to the URL. For example, if you had a Forum discussion over at the URL you'd use to edit that would be this: This should work for photos, blog posts, discussions, and several other content types.

It would be a huge help if you could send us a support ticket with your user agent string, which you can grab here. That might help us identify what's going on a bit better.


workin in Blogs and Groups only so far today...

>>>> Button "options for photos gone: is no longer visible 

i>>> nternal Button like no longer works

I have chrome


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