I have a new network and do not wish to reveal the number of members to date on my network and especially on invitations.  Invitations currently include a few member's photos my members have uploaded which is great, but underneath these photos by default  it says "and 'X' more like this" which is text  I do not want revealed. One way this could happen is to simply change the colour of the text that says "and 'X' more like this" (which by default appears on my invitations) to white (against the white invitation background making it invisible).

Can someone please assist me here with some code or tell me exactly where and the process to be able to do this? Thanks.

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Can you show the screenshot of exact location?

Hi Bernard.

I hope you can help here and thanks in anticipation.

Here is the screenshot. I think turning the text white may be a clue. The objective is to not reveal the numbers of members to date in invitations and would be grateful for some code or to tell me where the colour of this is found. Unfortunately the text "and 'X' more like this" comes up as a default.

 Regards. -Martin

Here is the screenshot.

Try this
Copy and paste this code into Advanced CSS
.dy-right {display: none!important;}

Hi Bernard

I cut and pasted the code:

.dy-right {display: none!important;} 

in the advanced CSS (in Design editing section) then Published.  I hope that was correct (or should it be in the editing section -CSS)? Going back to the design editing section -Advanced section CSS to check, the text inserted had disappeared. I presume that is OK.

Unfortunately there has been no change. The invitation looks exactly as I attached above. ie  which still says 'and 20 more'.

Thanks for your kind assistance here. regards Martin

Hi martin,

Try this code for Design Studio 

.right, .dy-right{display: none!important;} 

It should not disappear after inserting...

Hi Bernard

Thanks again for your kind assistance.

Unfortunately no change. The members' numbers still appear on the invitations.

As instructed, the process I have used is:

Design studio>Advanced>Add CSS>paste the code>publish.

I tried this 4 times but to no avail. The publish button disappeared after clicking it and the code was not there after returning to the advanced add CSS window to repeat the process if that is of any help. What about turning the text "and 'X' more" white. I could not find this in developer mode left window (less variables) or right (CSS styles). Do you know where it is? I am attaching the screen shot below to show you where I am pasting the code. Thanks again. -Martin

Hi martin,

I suggest you to submit your ticket to Ning help center..

Bernard. Thanks for your assistance. I shall persist. bst regards -Martin

Hey Martin, I think you got this posted again. Anyway, see my reply if this will help here.

Hi Martin,

Try the below css:

div.signin-about p.dy-right{

Hope that helps.

- glen

Hi Bernard and Glen

Firstly thanks for your very kind assistance. I posed this question in the "Community" category too.

Ron was kindly able to assist me with the following which worked.

For others in the community that may need this I have posted his solution here. I also include his link.



You can accomplish this using the Language Editor. Go to your Language Editor, choose your default language and search for the keyword: "…and %1$s more". You will be presented by 1 result and then edit this to "<span></span>", without the quotes. Save and then clear cache or reload this page again.


Thanks to everyone.

Best regards

Martin Coleman


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