Working for an Author that needs a network created with both free and paid memberships (i.e., free could see a few pages, but premium access to some content requires at least one tier of paid membership).

Like many, I'd think that Ning would develop a way to charge our members monthly or yearly subscription fees, now that we've been forced out of creating free ad-based networks.

I've found a few hints and rumors on NC about this "coming soon" feature - but.... when? How about a ballpark figure, so I can decide if I'm going to use something I like and am familiar with (Ning) or something else (who knows)?

I don't want some duct-taped process that needs a lot of maintenance or up-front setup. I know there are ways, but I don't want workarounds, unless someone can convince me of something that works and will cause little headache when Ning puts this feature in place. "Soon".

Thanks anyone, especially Ning gods and goddesses, for any responses.

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Hi Christopher!

We definitely want to get this feature to you as soon as possible, but we haven't started working on it just yet. As such, I don't have a time estimate on when it will be released, but stay tuned for updates. We'll try to post more information as details come.

Ning Product Manager
Is there a timeline on this yet? Paid memberships and/or premium content/groups is a HUGE business model issue for me, and I'd love to know if we're looking at "sometime this quarter" or "sometime this year." I have another community I'd like to launch if it's coming, but I'd need to find a different hosting/community solution if it's not coming soon.

Hey Ariel!

Stay tuned, we'll be posting the detailed roadmap very soon.


Okay - it is now almost May - we are one month into 2Q 2011.  I have seen requests for tiered membership levels - or membership levels at all - dating back as far as at LEAST 2 years ago (I have even posted questions).  Ning started charging its customers membership fees with no real reliable ways for members to generate income from their site users . . . . And, all I have kept seeing in response to these queries - "Soon."

I am with Christopher and Ariel and the hundreds of other current and former Ning customers who have been requesting this.  And we don't want any suggested cumbersome jack-legged, rig'em up solutions.  When Ning was free - that was kinda okay.  But, since we have to pay membership fees, we want seamless, fit-like-a-glove solutions.  When are we going to see this? What is being requested is not unreasonable.

My frustration comes in at the fact that in order to have a site that does anything more than just sit there - you have to pay Ning $20-something a month - yet there have been no changes in what Ning offers in the way of built in opportunities for members to make money.  This is 2011.  You cannot have customers in this day and age still asking the same questions from 2 and 3 years ago.  No wonder Ning went through such a shake up in the past 18 months!  I am not meaning to be rude - but we have been told to "hold on" and "wait it's coming" for a long time - with no updates as to the progress.

Any real honest time table would be very helpful in answer to our question.



Well said, Tiffany. Wow, was it that long ago I started this thread? I suppose that's why after a few months of "holding on to hope", I've all but given up on Ning to offer such a thing; I'm only passively "staying tuned" just in case, someday, there is a glimmer of hope.


It's at least disappointing - and unprofessional - to post replies with empty promises, and frustrating to revisit these threads. While I still use Ning for education projects, I've since moved on to other tools for hosting communities - Buddypress and elgg to name two. If I'm surprised by Ning someday I'll gladly come back, but I'm not holding my breath.

Hi Christopher!  Thank you!  I hear you on your frustration.  Like you, I am passively tuned in as well.  I get the weekly Creator's update.  My attitude has been, until I hear a definitive on paid memberships - I am not really interested. LOL!


I have two sites on here that were Plus that I reduced down to Mini - hoping Ning will get it together. But, again, like you - I have really moved on to WordPress/BuddyPress myself.  Kind of stinks because you don't have the same ease of formating your site (gotta use a little elbow grease and getting a little coding education, along with some creativity. . .) as you get with Ning.  But, endless membership levels?  Controlled access to content?  Uhm, yeah - well, the move is worth the extra work.


Maybe somebody at Ning might read our conversation and feel moved to provide a real update; even if it is "Well, folks, ain't never gonna happen!" At least I would know where they stand!

Hi Tiffany!

Have you had a look at the roadmap? There's a private beta of Paid Membership happening at the moment, and we're working hard on the initial launch version.



Hi Phil!


Wow!  That is GREAT news!  How do I activate this on my site? - Do I do this from my site's actual control panel, or do I need to sign up for the beta somewhere?


Now, I am excited once again!



Hi Tiffany,

You can send me a message with details of your network and your email address, and I'll pass these on to the team that's running the beta.




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