Please give your input on my site thank you.

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how did you do your sign up

Jen Social gave me both the image and code for the sign up. But I can't quite remember the URL or tag name to that tip, but you may ask Jen, I'm sure she'd gladly help or refer you to her URL.

Hope that helps. By the way, can you give me just little critique before you go please?!? :)) thank you.
Thank you Jen for being so sweet to us with codes. Blessings to you.

thanks jen, you are always wonderfull

jen can you help with this, i just set my network to public and hate  to see this " …and 956 more "

it is always there in sign in and all member's page.

please can you help?

Can we stay focused on the forum at hand here please? No disrespect, but if creators is going to send me an email to my iPad that rings off every time someone replies to this forum, I would appreciate it if the reply was at least 25% about the topic at hand... I couldn't care less what you decided to talk about with the other 75% of your reply. I don't mind Friends like Jen posting helpful tips for other people because Jen is a heaven sent. But Aanu if you're not gonna reply in any degree of reaspons to what the forum is about then please save your topic crippling questions and statement for your own forum or a privet message.

Jen thank you so much hon for your helpful tips feel free to post any tip or insight to any forum of mine, your help is like the helping hand of an angel.

i love the video at top... great attention getter!  I also love your countdown on the right side bar.  

One thing i would change... I would put your forum or blog in the center column and lower your activity feed so newcomers have more to read about your site/event without searching for it.  

Good work! 

Thank you Shannon I will do so in the morning, and I'm glade you like the video, it was shoot and edited by me. It's the trailer for the reality show that I'm shooting and editing surrounding a very popular set of competitions here in the Bahamas. I'm suppose to be air the reality show on my network as well as on a local television station here in the Bahamas.

Hi Illya,

It looks quite nice, and great for your theme. A few suggestions I would make:

  • Change the links from the crimson red to the same dark orange you use in the navigation. It would pop more.
  • Right now you're using the dark orange for the link hover. I would change that to white, on hover.
  • I suggest making the font-size larger for all.

Best Regards,


Thank you Jen,

I'll make those suggested changes right away.



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