Please help me i want remove powered by ning?? 

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I don't understand all the hostility.  First this only affects new NCs.  If they don't like it, they don't have to join Ning.   Second, I know people care for Ning and therefore want to give them business advice but it is their business and they are the ones focused on it every day, not us so you have to trust that they are qualified to decide this.  And lastly, Ning is a great value and if to keep that value they put a "Powered by.." label on my site, so be it.  It will not overshadow my brand and most people understand that it takes many tools to build a site and Ning is one of them.

I think people are hostile not because they are developing networks for themselves but that they are developing for clients who want a white label solution and this causes a business issue.

Damn, I just got a new client, set up a new network and BAM powered by ning... I am out, this is tragic... does anyone know of another true white label solution?  I guess its time for me to learn drupal..

very, very disappointed.... Adios guys!!!

Try Wix.

Wow, one small tagline and you're out?  Maybe I'm missing something but I just don't see how this can be a deal breaker.  It's a small innocuous line in the footer.  It doesn't distract from the brand unless part of that brand is that the company develops these types of solutions.  Ning is just one of many tools you build upon.  Value is not in the tool but in how it is used.  If you balance the tagline issue against the rest of the value you get with Ning I don't see how it even registers.  We want Ning to do well.  If they don't do well in the eyes of their owners then we are all in a major world of hurt.

Ok, the more I think about this, the more it does bother me as I do plan on getting another Pro account.  Had I known this was coming, I would have bought the plan...or the Plus plan until I had time to develop it.  If you could let me grandfather in a new site, I would get it right now and never complain again...LOL

This just opens the door to copycats.  It is bad enough that Facebook can steal away many people.  Now, someone can open up a copycat site, undercut your prices and steal away customers that you worked hard for. I guess this is the point.  Someone sees your site, wants to do the same thing and then signs up with Ning because they saw how you did it.

What this does is hurt the paid access sites, especially.  Say someone is charging $50 a year for membership.  As soon as a member clicks the Ning link, they will see you are probably paying $25/mo.  Then they start counting members, doing the math in their head and will think they are being ripped off as you are rolling around in their money.  The price is right there in black and white.  Or your competition sees the price and charges 1/2 of what you charge because they are also doing the math.  This is what bothers me the most about starting a new Ning site.

I can see where the logo may be required for the Mini and Plus packages because Ning is the best solution at that price.  But the Pro package is usually used by businesses as well as sites with paid access.  Heck, it may even be an incentive to upgrade to the pro.  Or do a referral program so some sites will want the footer there.

In reality, I think most of our complaining is because Ning is so cheap and easy that we don't want to let our competitors in on the secret.  At the very least, put up the VIP pricing at like $300/mo so people could assume that is the package we are on...LOL

"But the Pro package is usually used by businesses.  Heck, it may even be an incentive to upgrade to the pro."

I could live with that :)

LOL, I agree.  Honestly, my current site could be on the Plus package.  I just wanted to go all in.  Had I been on the Plus, I would have upgraded to the Pro just to remove the footer.

Either way, Ning is an incredible platform.  I am just bummed I didn't get my new site before this announcement.

I just noticed that my earlier comment here was deleted I could not believe it but it was. I thought this forum topic was open to voice my views on the matter "Powered By Ning" that was why posted my view on the matter. I just want to point out that Ning team should be open to criticism especially when policies like this is on the table. I am only voicing the heart of we old NCs who are not affected by this change. I understand that this is a decision on new networks, is just that the issue here is the way it was done. I have always upheld and praised the Team for the wonderful job they are doing on Ning platform. I must be honest that the concern of everyone of us old NCs here is that Ning shouldn't turn around in future to add the "Powered by Ning" on their networks and if that is to be Ning needs to be open on it now so we are sure of the future of this great platform. Please if you find my posts offensive I didnt mean for it be that way I am only concerned as others on this forum. Thanks

Don't think anyone deleted any posts, NingStar. Not that I'm aware of, but I'll try to check it out. Obviously, people here have long felt open about criticizing Ning in this forum. I expect they will continue to feel that way. 

I don't know what happened to my earlier comment thanks Eric for the feedback on it.

I get email notifications and this is the only one that showed up from you in my email.


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