Please help me i want remove powered by ning?? 

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 IMG.ning-glam-social {display:none!important;}



YOU MY FRIEND ARE A GENIUS!!! Worked perfect left the powered by but that is perfectly ok! Thank you very very much was EXTREMELY pissed off about this and this was the perfect fix!

Alarming wording in the language editor:

"Running Ning Ads requires the ‘Powered by Ning’ logo in the footer (activated automatically when Ning Ads is enabled)."

If you're concerned about White labelling be sure to be cautious about turning on Ning Ads.

Erm, it is if you're sold a White label product. that's the very point of it. Powered by a free wordpress theme is one thing, paying for a White label host is another

As a new Pro member, I must say I was entirely under the impression when signing up that I would be able to white label this platform. Maybe I didn't read the T's & C's closely enough but certainly the promotional material seemed to point out that I could use my own branding. It is key to me that this is possible for many of the reasons stated by other members above - the key being the option to begin charging for membership at a later stage. I plan on investing a lot of time and effort to build up this network and don't want any copycat networks (with deeper marketing pockets) to appear.

I appreciate that the existing NC's have grandfather rights but as a newbie NC who is very nearly finished a complete design setup  I am now considering leaving - would be a shame I love the platform and particularly the NC community that has built up around it.

I do however really feel that the Pro account should be truly White Label - it would be a great incentive for lower level plan holders to upgrade and Ning could still get traffic and new awareness from those plans.

Ok, so what you all are saying is that there is no way to remove the "Powered by Ning" at the botton of the page?

i turned it on voluntarily before starting the ning ads beta test just to show how its hardly ever noticed

none of my members noticed it at all

then i used css to change the opacity to .55 with a hover opacity of .97 so its even less noticable but still there

i asked about the policy on doing that and without anything official eric seemed to think itds a smart compromise  as long as u dont hide it completely or fade it bey9nd a reasonable 0.55

see it here

.xg_theme #xg_footcontent  P.left  {display:none!important;}

THIS WORKED PERFECT!! Ha ha removed ning and the hyperlink!!! Thanks George very much

by George H. Compton IV

first choice put this line of code in advanced css in your design studio it will leave the Powered by their but ning & glam social will be gone

P.left IMG.poweredbylogo {display:none!important;}

Hello there - I have created a new network. But all features are new deigns. And I tried doing this IMG.poweredbylogo {display:none!important;} and its not working on my new network. Please help.

Thanks very much.

The same CSS in 2.0 doesn't always work in 3.0. 

You can't remove the "Powered by" either. 

You need to go to the Ning 3.0 nav tap at the top of this page and do some reading on this new product. It's vastly different than the old platform.  More versatile and allows you to customize your network according to your own needs.

I also agree, this is strange to promote what you're paying for.


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