I really, really need to do something like right now. my members are going to jump ship (the professional ones that will skyrocket my site to magazine connections etc!!!!)


I just need to do SOMETHING.

1) option to add Watermark during photo upload,

2) disable right click, and

3)disable the photo screen that shows the full image (the one that seems to leave the network to view photo, favicon disappears.)

These three things will help signifcantly until such time as a server can be set to re process images before hitting ning servers, or when I have my own servers.


Please, please help me, anyone.... :(

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What 3rd party companies can offer a PHP or script or program or something that will allow for watermark option during photo upload?

NING, please tell me how to do this if you're not able to give this to us? How can I do this on my own, it just has to be possible somehow...

How about the NING CREATORS FOR HIRE, where you at, Elson, Mat, I don't know, someone?

This needs to happen ASAP. :( :(

Does anyone know if something like this can be implemented?


You can disable "full screen view" using this: 


a.xg_sprite.xg_sprite-view-fullsize{display: none;}

Disable right click: 

 <script language=JavaScript>


//Disable right mouse click Script

var message="Function Disabled!";

function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;

function clickNS4(e){
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){
if (e.which==2||e.which==3){
return false;

if (document.layers){
else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){

document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false")

// --> 


We all use "Qviary" 

Good luck, 

Thank you so much!!! Wow, so happy right now.

The disable full view does not work however. I've tried a few different variations of the coding you gave, but just can't get "view full size" to disappear.

a.xg_sprite.xg_sprite-view-fullsize{display: none;} That's what you gave me..

a.xg_sprite.xg_sprite-view-fullsize {display:none!important;} one I tried.

DIV#a.xg_sprite.xg_sprite-view-fullsize {display:none!important;} another I tried.

DIV#.xg_sprite.xg_sprite-view-fullsize {display:none!important;} last one I tried.

None of these work.

(disable right click works EXCELLENT. Thank you so much)

Have not checked out watermark feature.

I used this two code and its gone: 



The first line worked perfectly to hide the full size view!! Thank you so much Mat!!

Looks like that second line will hide the options box, where edit and delete photo are found. I don't want to hide that, my members and my self need that.

Looks like my mission has been successful, and the "easy" ways to steal member photos is gone.

Thank you to all of you for your amazing help!!!


You welcome mate! yeah it does remove the option box, i was going to mix those two code,

like this: 

div.edit_options a.xg_sprite.xg_sprite-view-fullsize{display:none!important;}

they have to add a watermark when they create the image

the other 2 are simple

u can  google script to disable right click

paste it in custom code

its a simple common javascript so instead of writting 1 just go find 1


add this to css

a.xg_sprite-view-fullsize {display:none;}

I think you're completely wrong strategy: if you eliminate full size view and you disable right click, you delete also two basic tools in a photography site (I say this because even mine deals with photography), that is, you don't allow the opportunity to better see a photo and to use right click to see exif datas by using an appropriate browser plugin.
The only way to preserve photos of your users is to set the maximum file size low enough (1200 pixels on the long side of the photo is a good resolution). It's long time that I have proposed to ning to create an automatic size limiter for photos...

U right Riccardo

upload to flickr first then import...low res... then the highres is protected by flickr..thats what you pay them for..

if you then somehow added a link to original in description...boom you're half way there

I'm afraid this option is a great idea, but not for me. If it's not completely integrated, I don't want to redirect my members to flickr. They can import if they want, the option remains, but I'm not making it a pre-requisite of my network.

Riccardo, I have removed the full size view, and disabled right click. I have not had any complaints, in fact I've recieved compliments for implimenting those security measure very quickly and on request. Many of my professional members are more concerned with security than they are with seeing a full size photo. We are all connected on the network, and asking for an email with a full size image has already happened a few times for those that wanted to see a photo they saw on my network, in full size. They can request full size view directly if they want to see it that bad. For now anyways.

As for EXIF data on right click, I plan to hire a pro to integrate EXIF Data display/manipulation right in, with security measures/password protection. Once this is implemented, no right click will be of no offense.

I also plan to integrate a built in spell checker system, for those who need right click/spell check...

I've listed all of my RSS feeds for ease of access for my members. They can request something and I can lift the right click if it's an emergency. I'm always there for them.

I chose security over full screen view, as full screen view takes you out of your network, and the images are free for the taking with the click of a single button.

You need to be skilled, at least a little bit, to steal images from my photo gallery. If you want it that bad, it's watermarked by those who care, so the theif has some work to do. This is all in my terms of service, and also a required profile question that they must read and select "yes" to confirm they've read it.

It's your network. Own it, and dictate it to be how it needs to be, and how you want it to be run. If you're happy with allowing full size view, and your members fully understand the risks posed to the photography they share on your network, or in otherwords, if you've covered your ass in the courts, then you ultimately have the say as to what happens on your network.

I hope this reply doesn't sound rude or discouraging, I do mean everything I've said in a positive, constructive manner. :)
I wish us all success and safe networking regardless.
Take care.


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