Hello there creators! I wonder if I could get a moment of your time, as I have just finished my new splash page for Addictapic, and I'd love if you would check it out, and let me know what you think!

Maybe there's something I could add, or improve?

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated!

Oh, and you should see the splash page on an ipad! Gorgeous and the perfect size (vertical ipad)


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Nice work Damo :)

Hi, Damien

Im trying to create a splash page for my site.

Where did you create the one you have. 

Thank s

I didn't use any online services to create my splash page, I wrote it from scratch in Adobe Dreamweaver on my Macbook.

There are many free sites that basically give you a splash page, but personally I wasn't willing to advertise some other company on my splash page. That and I don't think I should pay for someone to do it if I have the knowledge to do it myself.

Try searching "free splash page templates" in Google, if you're looking for a free option.

Great job Damien! inspires me to learn a little Dreamweaver lol

I would suggest learning Dreamweaver for sure, it's such a powerful editor, I swear by it. lol. Dreamweaver to webmasters is like photoshop for photographers. Incredibly powerful, deep, slight learning curve, but SO awesome. :)

I don't use any other unless I'm working directly in my custom code box or text box on my network. Usually I'll do coding in Dreamweaver, then copy and paste into my network though.  To make sure I haven't made a tiny little stupid mistake somewhere in the alien language... uh hmmm, excuse me, HTML/CSS/Jquery/Javascript/PHP/... ugh.... codes. Lol.

I have added a few updates to my splash page. For those that are interested, I'd like to invite you to revisit and have a look, I've put so much work into it, I'd truly love your feedbacks.

Thank you everyone, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all of you and your families, best of wishes for you all in 2013! (yup, we're still alive, let's make next year the best one!)


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