Groups are really "Group Forums" but the forum links to start a discussion and View All discussions are so far down inside the groups main page that many have no idea how to start a new discussion or where to find forum link.  Instead, Ning puts a link to "View All Groups" which is redundant because if someone wanted to view all groups, they wouldn't be in the one they are in to begin with.  It would be so intuitive if Ning would just place a link to the group's forum at the top of the group, but no one listens, despite it possibly being the easiest thing in the world for them to work out.  Here is where I have mentioned it before.  And even Eric Suesz commented:

Makes sense (provided the group has a Forum enabled). I'll pass this one along to our product people. Thanks!

This is something that I have requested of Ning since day one and I almost have a hack working but wondering if anyone else has tried this with success.

I have it this far, but for some reason, I can't seem to make the links clickable

Look at the two links under the Title of the group. I got them there by using the following Jquery to inject them.

 <script type="text/javascript">
if (typeof(x$) != 'undefined') {
x$(".xg_widget_groups_group_show .xg_headline .tb h1").after('<a %1$s>View All Discussions</a> or <a %2$s>Start a New Discussion</a>');

 I got the after part (<a %1$s>View All Discussions</a> or <a %2$s>Start a New Discussion</a>) from the Language editor as I am hoping to make this happen for all groups on my network.  However, when you go to the group example you can see that the links do not work, yet the link is there.  I realize that I need a href somewhere in there, but where?

Relative Linking and Methods That Didn't Work

Using common relative linking practices for HTML, I first tried adding this to my custom CSS for that group:

.myspan {
    display: block;

Then injecting this using Jquery and it almost works.

<script type="text/javascript">
if (typeof(x$) != 'undefined') {
x$(".xg_widget_groups_group_show .xg_headline .tb h1").after('<a href="../forum"><span class="myspan">Go to this Forum</span></a>');

Notice the "../forum" part of the jquery above.  It should make a link to the forum inside the group, however it doesn't due to something inside Ning that is preventing that, i think.



Ning, Pretty please with sugar on top will you PLEASE add a link to the group's forum at the top of all groups.


Could someone out there lend a hand at figuring this mind twister out?

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ok i can barely  bumble my way through jquerrty but imedietly from viewing code i see that the links liook like <a %1$s> now i cant pretend to know how those work but they seem to be variables that the ning code uses to replace tht with a constant ..libk code

these must be specific to the element or placement cay=use  u will see %1$s used thousands of times in language editor  each time the replaced codes diferent even though the variables the same


example members online %1$s%2$s  forums replied to 1$s%2$s

1 replaces the list of members online the other a members list of forums replied to so u cant simpley use tat and expect it to work


you have to use some form of the url or script to create the url from location


i hope that makes sence like i said i dont know jquerry at all just ..can sorta understand vaguely enough to debug sometimes



group/nikonsupportgroup/forum would be the path to the view all so in the script you want  to add code that puts href="../group/(whatevercode grabs the group name part of url) /forum

i dont l]know how to do it but thatshow it has to be done

thanks Eagle...hopefully someone will come along with some insight.  What we really need is a GUIDE TO THE LANGUAGE EDITOR to tells us what these symbols represent

Yes, that'd be neat.

Some messages in there are cryptic to say the least. You wonder under which condition they'll be used:

%1$s (average scarcity)

Looks like you absolutely need to have the group's name to build those links.

Someone must know of this variable name?

i know that's the hard part...i've tried everything!

I've been able to do this on my site.  The free code is there.  I hope it is helpful to others.

Best wishes!


I love this! I have left a screenshot on your discussion along with a question. 

Thanks for the excellent suggestion to separate the 2 links a bit.  As you know, I implemented your suggestion and it looks much better now, thank you!

Here is a screen shot of mine, with the separation. It looks much better, TJ!

thanx !!! was just noticing this problem today why We dont have an 'Add' button on top, but this will work for now...


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