Scoreboards, why do people who start topics get all the credit?

I have the scoreboard of the most "active" user on my main page on the left.

Problem is that the points that are given to members just isn't correct.

If someone starts a topic, and never replies on it afterwards but somebody else does like 10 times with very good suggestions (even if they are sometimes short), then still the person who started the topic gets a higher place then someone who does all the effort to reply.

The amount of points given to members should be equil or less for the topic starter and award more the people who reply and continue on the conversation, keep the topic going...


Please Ning, can you improve this? shouldn't be that hard to change the points given?

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Agree Stefan. I think the Leaderboard was given to us NC's to keep our mouth shut from requesting the point system where NC's can decide how many points are giving for each activity.. The leaderboard isnt correct at all..You dont have control over it...


I share the same opinion. It would be nice if we could just only change the amount of points given to a certain action.
Also members of my site start asking questions about it, every time I have to tell them...sorry, not something I can change. Eventually you start wondering why you even have this on your site!


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