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Like me, many NCs scratch their heads everyday searching for that magic tool that can get new members signing up every minute, I mean quality members, not just spammers. So a few years back when I couldn't even get 300 members, I tried a couple of ways that didn't work for me. Then I conceived a system whereby people (not necessarily members of the network) could promote my network in return for credit points which could be accumulated and converted into real cash paid out to them eventually. "Necessity is the mother of invention" they say. It took me some time and some research to come up with the documents I am going to share here as attachments, but those document you see there have worked wonders and brought our network to where it is today. 

We are not yet in tens of thousands but I see it coming soon as more and more people join the promotion program.

The program is simple: We elaborate a list of promotional tools for our network and attribute points to each one of them. Promoters choose which promotional tools they like best while you sit back, track and record their promotions weekly.

Advantages of the program:

1. It brings in quality members because most promoters begin by inviting easy targets: Their friends, classmates, school mates, family members, colleagues. These kind of members tend to be very loyal after they join your network because they are brought in by someone they know in real life. Sooner or later you see them creating a group.

2. Your network gets a lot of write-ups by different people on popular websites, hence improving your SEO

3. The program is easy to manage. You can put it on hold, modify it, expand it at anytime you want depending on your resources.

4. If carefully implemented, the program can bring in revenue that you can then inject into the program for more results.

5. You choose which aspects of your network you want to promote.

Disadvantages of the program:

1. It is not easy to get dedicated and trust-worthy promoters. When we started, the first few we got wanted to play tricks. That taught us a good lesson though.

2. Initially, you will have to spare a few dollars to get the promotion going but sooner or later you get back the money.

3. If you are an NC with very little time, you need an admin dedicated to monitoring this program, receiving the reports from promoters every week, verifying their promotions and recording their credits earned. 

So the 3 attachments shared are:

1. MyEE Promoters Assessment Sheet  (MyEE is the name of my network, use yours). In this document you will understand all the details about the program. Modify it to suit your needs.

2. Promoters' Weekly Report Sheet: It is a form that helps you keep track of all promotion that is going on and see which promoter is doing what.

3. Promoters' Working Contract: You need this if you want to find serious promoters. After they sign this contract, most of them will take it seriously.

Note: I am just sharing a system that we have used and seen some success. In stead of focusing on describing how it works, I have chosen to share with you the original documents the way they are. I am hoping it could inspire other NCs, especially those who worry about the slow growth of the numbers of members they have. If you choose to use these documents, please do well to replace all information about me and my network with yours. Again, modify it to suit your network needs.

Oh and in case someone out there wants to apply to be our promoter, you're welcome. It's a great way to test how the program works.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


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  • This sounds like a great idea :)

    • Results guaranteed Janettee.

      Give it some thought.

  • Hi Denis,

    I like the idea of Members earning points worth real cash for things they do on a Ning site. ;-)

    Best wishes to you, your site and this promoters program!


    • Yes tj, I have always wished to some day see your points system implemented on my network. You know how loyal I am to that program.

      • There's actually still some work being done on jPoints.  Since Real Money is involved, much care has to be taken to insure data integrity, as you can imagine, if I release it outside of the happy playground of my site. :-)  I still think virtual currency has a viable future.  Thanks so much for all your help working with and supporting jPoints.  I see you are now #1 on the Leaderboard!  Congrats!

        Best wishes my friend, and I wish for all good things with your program. :-)


        • I am eagerly awaiting any and all apps and features that you're developing, TJ.  Hurry up!!!  LOL  I have money to spend, and nothing to buy! 

          • Would love to stay leader

This reply was deleted.

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