whatever holidays you celebrate  cheer up your site with a lil light

simply paste this in css and thats it

#xn_bar,.xg_theme .xg_module_head {background-image:url("http://webdeveloper.com/animations/holiday/christmas/gifs/xmas_light.gif");background-repeat:repeat-x;}

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oh!!! nice.........glittering lights.......... thanks bro

Such a fun decoration! I included this tip in a post on the Ning Blog: Decorating Your Online Community For The Holidays. Thanks for spreading the holiday cheer, soaringeagle.

In your link there are those exploding Christmas lights!!!! I want those... Can anyone help me with the code please?

where are u seeing that? im not sure what you mean

It is a few links in... Here is the direct link to the example..




well heres the html of that page

span class="start-tag">html> span class="start-tag">head> span class="start-tag">title>Smashable Christmas Lights</title> span class="start-tag">link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="christmaslights.css" /> span class="start-tag">script type="text/javascript" src="soundmanager2-nodebug-jsmin.js"></script> span class="start-tag">script type="text/javascript" src="http://yui.yahooapis.com/combo?2.6.0/build/yahoo-dom-event/yahoo-dom-event.js&2.6.0/build/animation/animation-min.js"></script> span class="start-tag">script type="text/javascript" src="christmaslights.js"></script> span class="start-tag">script type="text/javascript"> var urlBase = './'; soundManager.url = './'; </script> </head>  span class="start-tag">body>  span class="start-tag">div>   span class="start-tag">div id="loading">   span class="start-tag">h1>Christmas Light Smashfest 2008: Prototype</h1>   span class="start-tag">h2>Rendering...</h2>  </div>   span class="start-tag">div id="lights">   <!-- lights go here -->  </div>   span class="start-tag">div style="position:absolute;bottom:3px;left:3px">   span class="start-tag">a href="?size=pico">pico</a> | span class="start-tag">a href="?size=tiny">tiny</a> | span class="start-tag">a href="?size=small">small</a> | span class="start-tag">a href="?size=medium">medium</a> | span class="start-tag">a href="?size=large">large</a>  </div>  </div>    </body> </html>

 not sure thats gonna display right but to reverse engineer this put the html elements in a text box or ads above the header

open the css file copy all paste ito your css

download the 2 javascripts upload to file manager

in custom code

use the same script codes but scripts 1 and 3 usethe file managers urls script 2 use the urlm as is

 wheres the page b4 this where u found that link?

thats a kinda cool lil script

Found it here


And then follow the ling for

Schillman’s JavaScript hack

I will try to figure this out. My only issue is hosting the js as I don't have file manager.. Just a Plus Network.

it can be  hosted anywhere

but its a game meant to be played on the site its on not a decoration and its most likely copywritten


Better leave it alone!


ok i searchged and searched and found its a game your suposed to smash as any as u can in the fastest time

nice looks great on mines


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