Suddenly I can't embed Youtube videos in new or old blog posts.


Videos that were working just fine at now doesn't work anymore. I changed nothing in the html-code, I only made a major non video change, and clicked "Publish".


The videos still work at for example, but if I would click "Edit post" and click "Publish" again, they would stop working.


Temporary problem? What is this?


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This is an example in a thread:


I've been deleting the videos people are uploading to the video gallery as I don't want to visitors to be looking at blank embeds... and since the embed code simply isn't there it means they'll probably never work and won't just start working when you make the fix.


Making an example should be really easy for you... just take any video embed code and paste it in any Ning network and you'll notice it comes out blank. Recheck the code making up the post and you'll see that the embed section of the code has not been stored.


Glad to see someone from Ning is working on it though. Big relief!


I fully expect people to have their time with their families.... I was just concerned that something had been changed and not fully tested before taking an extended holiday period. Big changes should only happen when the results can be monitors for a while.

I cannot post my game site because the code is disappearing!  When I open the video in edit to change the heading to show who won, the code disappears.  I tried it in both I.E. and Firefox and the same thing is happening.  I went to the uploaded video and retrieved the code again and retried it and it will not embed.  If I'm going to lose the embed code on every game piece that is currently working, I can't post the site.  What have you done?????????

Here is an example. It might be only videos from YouTube posted today.

Hmm, at least someone from Ning know this is an issue, now we need a fix.

Not trying to be snide to the Ning employee, but just because you don't see the problem on your computer doesn't mean we're not experiencing it. Thankfully someone put up a screenshot as proof.


In my case, I don't even get the blank box which hold the video, the "embed" portion of the script is totally stripped, so it looks as though I never even embedded the code in the first place.


I had made plans and scheduled a video webinar for my members, which I had to cancel because of this major inconvenience. I hope it's being worked on and not too many of my members get annoyed enough to start asking for money back.


I have the same problem, cant embed videos, in guestbooks etc.

Its just empty...

Same thing is happening on my network.. Hope it is fixed soon...

Same problem!!

This is a video with the missing embed code


And this is a video posted before the issue started that includes the embed code


Hi all, we have released a fix for this issue. If you pasted embed codes in forum or blog posts, you may need to re-paste them.


Thanks for your patience!



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