Hi creators.

I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you on ning creators for your advise and help in creating swapMessenger.com.

Today we are 1 year old.

swapMessenger.com started life as swapBBM.com with ning but quickly evolved.
We now have over 40 thousand members and some great traffic everyday.

We have also achieved a self funded site with Google adverts and Google Admob.
Google Admob serves mobile adverts on our apps - Android, BlackBerry and Kindle which also boosts traffic everyday.

These apps are easily created with phonegap and I would recommend everyone to give it a go.

My number 1 tip would be a rock solid splashscreen. Check mine out and see what you think. Splash screen

Creating traffic - I get asked this through PM's alot and I would say just keep at it everyday. Post on facebook, twitter and recently for me Google plus but keep it organic. Don't go spamming.

Also get your Alex rank down and your Google PR up.

I would recommend fiverr.com. Get a guy with a good record on there to post articles and backlinks to boost your site.

There really is no magic wand for this.

I also wan't to mention ning creators - soaringeagle, Jen and Bernand for their help in different ways.


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Congratulation Josh! you doing great! 

I don't agree with "Also get your Alexa rank down and your Google PR up.

Alexa provides traffic data and global rankings so if your site getting good audience and good avg. visit duration time then you must see your alexa and google page rank go up. 


 Congratulation once again

Good Luck!

Ok, I can see what you mean...but,

My current Alexa rank in the UK is - 16,313

Google's is - 1

So I want my rank to go down?

My traffic and avg time to go up for this to go down.

Or the rank to improve and the number to go down lol.

If you know what I mean.

Just because you are showing up on the first google search page doesn't mean your site rank is number one.

35.9% of your site visitors are from United Kingdom and thats why you ranked 16,313 on UK. here is top sites in UK http://www.alexa.com/topsites/countries/GB 

1, Google UK

2, Facebook

4, google.com

3, YouTube

and so on.................... 16,313, your site.


your global rank is 195,945 which is good by the way.

Avg time is very important for any website, it will boost your income and your rank as well. We could continue the discussion endlessly, but I think we will agree about one thing:- have a good audience to your site and you will see good rank on your tab, both google and alexa.

If you read what I wrote then we wouldn't have this discussion. I never said I was number 1 on google. what I am saying is - googles alexa rank is 1. mine is 16k+ in the uk so I want my alexa rank to go down. Or the number to go down so the determined rank to go up. 

I do understand how it works I do own many sites with a much larger audience then my ning one. not bragging but I don't need schooling.

Congratulations! Great job on developing your network!

My number 1 tip would be a rock solid splashscreen. Check mine out and see what you think. Splash screen

Any tips or suggestions on how to make a a rock solid splash?

Anyways, Keep up the great work!


Use a html template, premade. I like themeforest.net

Make sure it's responsive too, then you can use it with your mobile site.

Thanks man!

If you like 1 on themeforest just give me a pm, I might have a checky link for you for the item. If you know what I mean lol

I'll keep that in mind. :)

Why are people concerned with Alexa rankings? It is a meaningless metric, gauged as it is by people who have their toolbar installed. I don't know one person who has it so who are their sample audience? Their figures for my site are way off.
Well done Josh, by the way.

I agree if you have a niche audience yes.

I tried to use the phoneGap platform once, but i didn't even know how to install it on my computer to even get started. Mind helping with a little walk-through? ;) thanks.


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