All tags are gone from all of the blog posts. It happened around Nov 20th. Since that time I am trying to get to support(premium service) and thet replied only once without solutions or anything.

My network is

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Well, ning gotta backup very databases. I don't mind loosing couple of blog posts but instead restore all of my tags. If they cannot fix this problem I will start anti-ning campaign:)
Hi Misha,
Hopefully this will ease your mind on backups. I can't speak directly for Ning; however, I am most certain that Ning has more than just backup databases, yet a full disaster recovery plan. With today's technology, expectations and legalities: there is simply no possible way that this type of plan is not in place at Ning. In fact I have direct experience with losing something as simple as a site theme, yet a very critical issue. Ning Support was able to restore my theme from previous backups and reinstall on my pet site.

On tags, yes, I've noticed this too. I reported this via the Ning Help Desk, here:
Ning Help Desk

Here is an excerpt from the answer I received from the Support Desk:
"... your comment about the tags disappearing. ..., and our engineers are currently working on recovering the tags that are missing and to insure that this doesn't happen in the future."

Hope that helps,
Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with Ning Help. I've had just the opposite experience, 100%. I hope things get better for you on this, truly.

And, we'll have to agree to disagree. ;-) IMO, Ning is not just concerned about protecting their interest. If they didn't have their customer's best interests at the top of the list, within their product development & implementation plans, they wouldn't have several million networks.
Honestly, I appreciate your concerns and thoughts. On the flip side of this thought process, I've been in Software Development Management for 20+ years. I've managed mega multi-million dollar projects (Wall Street to Silicon Valley), and am familiar with industry trends, standards, and keep up with "select" capital corporate investments/funding - - I sincerely disagree with you. But, if I knew it all, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation. I'd be off in my Villa on the French Riviera, with my feet kicked up. LOL! I'm always open to learning from others and new ideas.

Like we've already agreed, we have to agree to disagree, for now. ;-)

You wanna come and bring some of those skills to help the Safe World for Women Campaign - my you woudl be very highly valued

You wouldn't get any material benefits but if there is a god up there he/she will pour love into your ears from ahigh!!

I'll pop a private message...
I did as well for a site that had videos tagged. You notice the tags present in one view but not in another. Hope you have success getting them back. If you do please let us know.
Ninette are you seriously here laughing at this NC from the very first post? Really? Ban yourself.

LOL = Laughing Out Loud.. Use it lightly, and not in every post where a fellow network creator is crying for help because of an issue that may be costing them money. We're here to support each other, and yes, if you're here to help, be serious and don't LOL at them.
Take the Barack Obama fast-track route to success, Ninette: just agree with everybody and tell them you feel their pain ; )


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