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This is a tip I have re-written, still tweaking a bit before posting the code, that I thought you might like. Basically when you or a member posts a status on the activity feed and then other members comment on it the comments can get quite long, also when you click on the comment count you get taken to another page to view the status. Now the problem with that is you then have to click the back button or home tab to get back to where you came from and then scroll back down the activity feed.

So what this tip does is open that status page over the top of the activity feed so you do not leave that page or place in the feed. With regards to the comments list I have let only the Latest comment display in the activity stream to keep it a little cleaner, if the member wants to see all the comments they just click on the link with the comments count in.

I have added a short status comment in my feed so you can see how that looks. I have also added a soundcloud post and a video post so you can see how that would look if a members adds one of those into the activity feed, by the way I have added a lot of demo comments on the video one so you can see how a long list looks of comments.

The other part I added was for the photos, so if you click on a photo in the activity or it's title or it's comment count that will open over the activity feed as well. This is quite nice as again you can view, comment or like a photo without leaving the activity feed.

I have not added this for forums or blogs as those I think are quite important to go directly to those pages but it could be added.

I have tried this on quite a few devices and browsers ( except safari ) and all works a treat. Any way take a look and let me know how it works for you then I will share all the code etc after a bit more of a code tidy up.

Here is the link to my site:

John :-)

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  • John my, my.  Hot chick on a motorcycle?  You're an interesting dude!  You got my attention right off the bat.  *lol*  Okay I'm really liking this new tip you're working on.  Slick how you remain on the page.  I wish you could reduce the size however.  Make it more narrow?  Maybe even give an option to place it left, right or center rather than covering so much of the page.  Maybe most don't care but in my case, we display 'live' data which I wouldn't want obliterated while I'm reading.  It truly is slick though; just the way it stands.  This is another item I would hope Nings new owners would incorporate in all designs.  You da' man!

    • Thanks Kos, yes it could be made more narrow by simply adjusting the css and it's position, also the dark overlay colour could be made lighter easy enough. Will experiment with being able to drag it also and have resizing handles which may help.

      Do you think it is needed to have the original post or picture showing and just display the comments ?

      I do like biking and have ridden for many years, hopping to ride the south coast of Cali at some point soon. Here is an image of my current cycle

      • I do think having the original comment as a point of reference is a good idea.

    • Hi Kos, had a little re-design of this, made it a little smaller and also enabled it to be dragged around the screen by clicking in the blue header, hold the mouse down and move it around. I did have it so you could re-size it by dragging some re-size handles but this was a little sketchy so will have to play around with that some more. Still some more little tweaks to add but so far it's looking good I think.

      John :-)

      ps you may need to do a refresh of my site if it still looks the same.

      • Yes, that's definitely better.  Should I assume there'll be a scroll bar when there are numerous replies?

        • Yes there is, if you go to the star wars video it has 21 test comments, if you click on that link it will open in the new box and you will have a scroll bar.
  • Awesome!
  • oh!

This reply was deleted.

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