Text editor tool bar has disappeared when I try to add a blog post

Hi Ning, 

All of a sudden, it appears that the text editor toolbar no longer loads up on my site.  This prohibits me from adding photos, bolding, etc.  I've tested in both Firefox and Chrome.  Please advise.  Thanks.  

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Hey, Eugene! I have two reports of this, and I am going to try and dig in and find out more. I'll report back when I have more info. Thanks!

Thanks, Eric. Really appreciate it.

I have the same problem. We lost the text editor tool bar and also when we click on "reply to this" the box where text should be placed disappears. I think this happened after I tried the new chat room and got back to the old one.

Hi all, 

We're still working on a permanent fix for this, but in the meantime, we have a short-term solution that's working for many networks that have reported this. Head over to My Network > Settings > Features > Text Editor and click "Default to WYSIWYG." 

We'll keep this thread updated as soon as a full fix is available for those that still wish to default to HTML view.


Just wanted to follow up here and let everyone know this should be fixed for all networks now. Thanks for the reports!


Thank you very much, Aaron!  You and the whole Ning staff were really helpful throughout the process and solved this issue very quickly.  We really appreciate it! 

It happened to me as well, but Eric says he will be updating this thread.  Nobody has mentioned it but the links that show you who "liked" a subject do NOT open to read.  

Since Ning states that Friday tickets may not be answered until the following Monday, I wonder if scheduling Platform-Wide maintenance for Friday Morning is really a wonderful idea?  Stuff like this happens and even if Ning doesn't work on weekends, it is when most sites get most traffic!

This is unrelated to our maintenance. Also, the maintenance isn't happening Friday morning. You may want to read up on the details, Cat. 

 Sorry, I was looking at this, Eric.

Okay, it appears to be back now, however, the setting I had chosen to view all posts in HTML, rather than visual mode has disappeared and I no longer see the option for that setting?  Is that no long an option?  Also, the "like link" to show who has voted it still not working.

I have noticed a big time improvement.  The ability to remove nested posts with one click by choosing to delete multiples will save me lots of time.  Thanks!

Hey Cat,

You should be able to switch back to default to HTML view by going to network.ning.com/main/feature/texteditor — is that option there for you?

I see what you mean about the "like link"—it's definitely happening here on Creators, so I'll file a separate bug for that.


Thank you muchly, Aaron.  Everything is back to normal now.  I received a reply to the ticket I'd submitted and they even sent me the link to find the text editor again, so I replaced the default View to HTML.  

I'd like to thank you again for the nested delete return.  I've been on Ning since 2008 and was heartsick when you removed the nested delete ability.  Now it's back and even better, with having to choose to delete the message below, as it alerts you to a massive delete. 

I look forward to the Like Link being back, as I post a TV Show game.  When it's indicated that someone loved the show I now include the Title, Their name and can show they loved it♥! It is necessary to be able to open and see WHO it was, since the titles are recycled. 


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