Why did something called Text Enhance show up on my page?  I didn't click to add anything.  

Can someone please help me disable that?  Where do I go?  

If you'd like to see what I mean my page is www.tttsupport.com  

It basically puts a link onto some words randomly that i didn't put there. very annoying. 

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My guess is that it is either a browser plug-in you have unwittingly installed or a third-party code. I don't think I am seeing it, but maybe I am missing it. Can you point out where you're seeing it appear?

I have the same exact issue!!! Every time I try to take a screen shot to show folks, it goes away.

Some times it will show up and even the simplest word like Green will have a a pop out ad for something.

I have Skim Links but I can not find any mention of this new feature.

Skim links made words links but this is creating pop out ads and they are horrible.

Eric is right, definitely browser related. It's a malicious plugin or extension. Shannon, here's some info:


Son of a bitch!!!! lol :)  That is exactly what has happened to me. So this happens to individuals because of their browser... it's not something every member sees then correct?

Yes Lora, that is correct

Thanks so much! I dont know if it works yet but I went through the steps.   I didn't even have Text Enhance as an extension (Google Chrome)  I think I removed it awhile ago when i figured that out.  BUt it never went away.  So i just added "Adblock" per suggestion on this link.  Im hoping that solves the puzzle.  Thank you Thank you! 

When I went into my FireFox settings... it was masked as the add on... "I want that"

I, along with other users of my site, are having the same problem. I am having it across Chrome, IE, and FF, and have no add-ons on any of them.  I am not having the issue on any other site.

Has anyone found a NON-browser related solution?

Wow. You did some major design workarounds with your site, Michael. Impressive. 

Is it possible that there is some code in a Text Box on your main page? How do you get to your main page? There must be code somewhere on your site that is causing this if you don't think it's browser related. 

Eric - Phil McCluskey figured out some jscript that I hadn't seen at the end of the page (not sure how it got there).  Thanks for your help.

Yeah. Saw that response. Glad that he was able to locate it. Have a great weekend. 


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