In the US, we're coming up on Thanksgiving. Many communities use Thanksgiving as a time to thank their members... after all, no community can thrive without the people within it.

This morning, CommBuild hosted a TweetChat on celebrating community builders who inspire us. (TweetChats are a great resource for community managers, by the way.) Carrying on that theme, I'd like to offer this thread up for a similar purpose. 

1. We've got our wonderful Ning Superstars, but sometimes other Creators help us out in smaller ways. Ways that aren't big and flashy and technical. Let's take a moment to give some public thanks to those Creators. Go ahead use this thread to say "Thank you" to another Creator who's done something in this past year to help you out or make you smile in some little way. 

2. What would you like to thank your community for this year? Did you reach some membership goals? Start a fund raiser? Learn something you never expected? I'd love to hear what you feel your community has done to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Who or what do you want to raise a toast to? Share it with us here!

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1. My first thank you goes out to John Bizley.  With his help, my 3.0 Sandbox went from looking like crap to looking like something I can be proud of. 

2. My community has given me the opportunity to make friends I would have never met before. I recently took a trip to Austin, Texas and met my site admin for the first time, along with 3 other members who have been with me on my network since I opened 3 years ago. It was such fun to finally meet these people in person. 

Thank you Diane for your Kind words it is very much appreciated.

Ditto what you've said, Diane!

There have been awesome Ning nc's who have been extremely helpful in these forums (and far more patient than I), John Bizley among them.

There's also George, Jen, Bernard, TJ, Janettee, Kos, you, and others I'm sure I've forgotten at the moment. For all of you, and those who help to foster a positive, productive atmosphere in these forums, I am grateful!

I can't believe I'm the only person on here who is thankful.  I surely hope the lack of response is because of the holidays keeping people busy. 

I'm thankful for you Writer Chick. :-)

Things haven't been the same around here lately, Diane. This place used to be filled with cheer around this time of year, as you well know.

Hmmm... I'm thankful for a lot of things, hardly any of them directly related to my Ning network. My satellite accounts (designed to augment my Ning site, ironically) are doing well. My members are rather tired of me promising a new social network, then having to tell them that it's been delayed yet again. I am also looking foolish in the eyes of my investors. 

Having said that, things are looking really good for me, and it is indirectly a result of my Ning network. In another discussion here, I explain how I am fast becoming a success because of my network, despite it not being successful itself. Most of my 2000+ friends and followers at Facebook, 1000+ followers at Twitter, and 900+ Instagram followers are familiar with the "Kingdomz X" name, but less than a fraction of those numbers are members of my network, or are aware it exists. Despite my network's poor performance, none of what I am doing would have been possible without it. Once Ning 3.0 is finally rolled out (insert Jeopardy! theme music here), things will improve exponentially for my network. In the meantime, I'm doing well.

Two days ago, I took a writing gig with Gorgeous Freaks Magazine. I did an interview and one article for the magazine a year ago, as well as a promotional music video for their company. My first regular piece for the magazine will appear in their anniversary issue, which goes on sale this week. 

So in short, I guess I'm saying that while things aren't spectacular right now, I am grateful to be moving forward, and in the right direction.

To everyone here that helps others, some may not even realise they help but do, so thanks to you all.

I am thankful for all the people who come here and give their honest opinions on the Ning platforms.  This really is a vibrant community and those who manage it do a great job!

Best wishes!



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