With help of paper.li's Nomad widget it has become very easy to integrate your paper with your Ning site. Check out what I did here: http://www.dutchroadrunners.nl/page/nieuws-1#.UKH8yuS8-vk. This is a newspaper bringing our members all running/athletics news from the Netherlands. This paper is updated daily (automatically) and is fed with a Twitter list and RSS feeds.

A second thing I managed to do is to integrate a paper.li newspaper with the drop-down menu on our frontpage (check www.dutchroadrunners.nl). This allowed me to create an event-specific newspaper (zevenheuvelenloop 2012). I used twitter hashtags, rss feeds (google news) and Twitter accounts to feed the newspaper. As the event approaches more news develops and I go from a weekly, to daily to twice-per-day update (these are settings, the newspaper upates automatically).

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How do I go about integrating this feature? Please forgive me, I'm new to this. Ut would be greatly appreciated if you could give me a step by step on this if you have the time. Thank you.

First head over to paper.li and create your newspaper, you can customize the paper to fit  the style of your ning community (example http://paper.li/dutchroadrunner/1287430152).

Next select 'share' on your paper and select the Nomad Widget. Copy the code and paste this into a page (yourcommuninity.ning.com/page/page/new).

paper.li is good but i dont like their newsletter html template they just introduced. when you use it the news takes the reader straight to the news source instead of redirecting to your site.
I think the essence of newsletter is to direct traffic to the site not just to allow people to read and direct people to other sites. But in all paper.li is good stuff......you can use your own newsletter for the broadcasting to bring people to your site.

My advice will be to integrate it with www.visibli.com

check out how i used it http://intdevcommunities.visibli.com/baa09eba50175ed6/?web=e113ad&a...

Forgive my complete and utter lack of knowledge, but does crawlers read the feed?  Does it do anything to boost the SEO and visibility of your site?   Nice, clean looking site btw ;)


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