I remember that one of the announcements by NING was that we were able to use additional text boxes for the header and footer. Actually I am working with a CSS and Javascript and own HTML file to add an own footer (space) to my network. For the default theme setting of my network is that no problem. But if a member use some of the theme settings by NING the footer moves to the left side like here. - I know that I am working with a CSS and javascript and additional HTML file. Easier will be that NING will realize that part which was/ is on their roadmap month ago. The footer looks horrible if a member uses another theme - some NING themes working well some other not.

If NING removed the additional text boxes from the roadmap - can somebody helps me and knows a CSS which I can add to the custom code box ? that the footer will be in the center ?



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I'm using an iframe for my footer which works very well and is easy to adjust if need be

Thank you Celina ... but how? What's the CSS to adjust it. In this case above it is needed to do that.

Well first of all you must have your own webspace somewhere to upload a page with your footer content.  You don't use CSS to insert an iframe but have to add a code to your analytics


This is the java script I'm using

The second part of the script is to direct links to open in the same or new page/tab


<script type="text/javascript"> x$("#xg_foot").after("<div style=background-image: align=center id='custom_ads'></div>");
var ad_html = '<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="http://www.yoururl/hidden/footer.htm" width="955px" height="350px"></iframe>';

<script language="JavaScript">
function namosw_goto_byselect(sel, targetstr)
  var index = sel.selectedIndex;
  if (sel.options[index].value != '') {
     if (targetstr == 'blank') {
       window.open(sel.options[index].value, 'win1');
     } else {
       var frameobj;
       if (targetstr == '') targetstr = 'self';
       if ((frameobj = eval(targetstr)) != null)
         frameobj.location = sel.options[index].value;

// -->

Thank you very much celina[D]. I have found out what's missing: the atribute which was missing.I used in the javascript only <div id='custom_ads'> </div> ... there was the align missing. Now i use: <div align=center  id='custom_ads'></div> as part of the javascript in the analytics box.

Your welcome Jens. Hope things work for you now

Hi celina[D] - yes, now it works for all members very fine. No footer ... just one point could be that I could use a transparent body background color for the footer that maybe this footer will be better integrated on different theme settings. Therefore I am waiting for these announced additional footer and header text boxes for us NC's. But it seems that NING once again announce something without realize it soon.

Muy bueno, estaba buscando para arreglar el pie de pagina y el codigo que pusiste me funciono muy bien Gracias por compartirlo!

This is a screenshot of my footer which also contains a rotating banner with adds


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